Craft Fair Year End!

The last two craft fairs for the year, coming –very– soon!

This time of the year for me is bittersweet!  As much as I love sewing for craft fairs and getting ready for them and plotting out a booth layout, there comes the time of the year when there is a break!

I do love doing craft fairs, so so much!  There is also part of me that is thankful that there is more relaxation time for me.  Until then, I still have two more events this year, which I hope so many people will come out for!  The first is this Saturday in Nashville at Track One.  I’ve done almost all of the Crafty Nashville events, and it’s such a nice time.  There are Lyft coupon codes available so you don’t have to worry about parking, and they are taking donations for Soles for Souls, so be sure to go through your closet and get rid of your gently used OR new shoes that maybe you don’t want anymore and you were going to throw out anyway.   I’m actually setting up the night before so I don’t have to be there at like, 7am (yippee!!) and I’m really looking forward to an indoors event!  It’s going to start getting cool again outside, so I’m excited to be inside, out of the elements.  And I’m excited to make my booth look like a “room” which includes me working on a very silly tiny fireplace.  I’ll probably make a blog post about that if it turns out the way I’m hoping.

A look back at some of my times at Crafty Nashville in Track One

After this weekend my next outing will be Shop Small Saturday, the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  I’ll be out with Handmade Nashville in Bellevue at Red Caboose Park!  I’ll be outside, but I’ll have my space heater ready to go!  After that I’ll be done for the year, and I’ll probably get some quilting done and start planning out my subscription boxes for next year.  The first event that I’m planning on doing next year is the Cherry Blossom Festival, which I’m once again, very excited about.  That won’t be until April, so I’m going to be extra ready and excited about it!

Next year I’m planning on pairing down a little, and maybe cutting a couple events out of my schedule.  There are a couple events that I feel like are really great events, but they are also physically exhausting, and it can be a little scary sometimes!  People can be rude and you’re trying to earn business so you can’t be rude back, or they’re just overall creepy, and there aren’t event people close by for you to call someone over and make someone leave, so you just have to deal with people.  That being said, I’m also going to try to do a multi day convention next year, so there’s that.

The other good part of a craft fair break is that I can do some custom orders pretty fast!  So if there is something you’d like to get for your loved ones for Christmas or Hanukkah (or maybe even Krampus! [I don’t know if that’s actually a holiday or just a boogieman, I didn’t watch the movies, I just think it’s a funny mean goat man that might lick feet or something]) let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate!  You can email me at or just check out my website, and see if that thing you already want is already ready already!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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