Quilty Finishes, Early 2019

So far this year I’ve finished up two quilts!  One that is a gift and the other that is a commission!

The first one I finished is a gift for a family friend!  My husband’s best friend from college’s mom, Paula, generously let us stay with her for several summers at her beach home.  I used a combination of patterns to create a cute, sea themed quilt to send her way to say thank you!  The sea horses and waves are from Summer Crafter and the crabs are from Faith and Fabric.  This was a very fun quilt, and I loved using the Boundless Botanicals and Angela Walters Drawn (out of print) fabrics to make this!

The next quilt is the largest quilt I’ve made to date!  I made this for two high school friends of mine that are married now and are moving into their new home this month!  I was excited to make a quilt #1 for friends, #2 using this pattern that has stalked me on Pinterest since 2015, and #3 making such a giant quilt!   It’s an oversized king size quilt, measuring at 112″ squared.  It’s made using the Endless Summer pattern by V and Co (with a little tweaking!) and the fabrics are Modernist by Joel Dewberry, Sandstone by Art Gallery,  and Bee Backing & Borders 108″ Aqua Plaid by Lori Holt for the back.  This quilt is HUGE.  It’s so big that the wide back fabric wasn’t big enough, so I cut it into 4 pieces and used scraps from the front to fill in the gaps!


Almost had an accidental fabric sync up, missed opportunities.

It’s been quite a way to start the year off!  Two quilts down, and now it’s back onto the plush making game!  Until next time, happy sewing!



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