April Festivals and Events

A little look back at my April events!

This April is a big push for my Spring events, then I’m taking off from craft fairs until the fall.  I love doing events, but I’m feeling tugged in multiple directions, and I know I don’t have to participate in events, so I can step back.  That being said, here’s a look at the events I’ve done this month, when I decided to do two in one month, and they’re back to back, and one is out of town, because I’m just crazy.


Druid City Arts Festival

This was the first event that I’ve ever done that was in another state!  That in itself was a whole learning experience, because I had to get a business license and pay taxes before I left the event.  I hopped on the road Friday for this one and a half day event in Tuscaloosa, AL, and it was honestly a lot of fun!  DCAF was celebrating their tenth year, “A decade of DCAF” and I was happy to be a part of it!

I wasn’t set up in the greatest spot, and I had to set up facing away from everything, and you know, that never helps, but I still did way better than I anticipated.  I even sold things I wasn’t expecting to sell!  I made a few elephants and tigers (pandering!!!) and they didn’t all sell out, but I did sell a few of each.  I also had some great help from my brother-in-law and nephew doing the tasks I never have time to do like pinning pins to cards and bagging them, and setting them all up in my little book pin display.

Friday Night ❤

Saturday ❤

I had a great time, and I even got a custom order, and delivered my giant quilt that I’ve been working on!  This just let me know that cute is in the market everywhere.  This made me excited to tackle an event on my craft fair bucket list: the Kentuck Arts Festival in Northport, AL.

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

The next event I had was the next weekend in Nashville, and I had to get my butt in gear to get as much finished as possible!

I didn’t get as much made as I’d like to normally have done, but I did my best and once again the people of Nashville came out in droves and wanted all the cute stuff they could handle!  Even considering I was next to a booth with mass produced plushies, I think I did really well!  And the people that would come in were shocked that my stuff was handmade and were so impressed, so that’s always nice.  I kept the big sloth behind the table with me because it was drizzling on and off, but people still noticed him and thought he was so cool!

My next event won’t be until September, so I’ll have a decent amount of stock built up before then!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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