Testing Patterns!

Because it’s fun to try new things for friends!

Here lately I’ve been feeling very quilty.  I mean super duper quilty.  Just sewing up a storm!  During this time I’ve been taking my plush making skills and branching out!  It doesn’t make sense to sew curves in plushies but not in quilts!  So I’ve been trying out patterns that I would normally be hesitant to try.  I’ve also been helping out one of my friends by testing her patterns!  Both of these patterns are available to purchase in her online shop, along with others!!! (https://tinyorchardquilts.com/)



The first pattern I tested out was for the Flora quilt!  The pattern is very simple!  She had it laid out for a white background with colorful “flowers” but I did it backwards because I had more colorful yardage than not!  Even this way, it looked so great!

Here’s how Megan’s full quilt looked!

Megan's Flora Quilt



The next pattern I tested was the Blackberry quilt!  This quilt came together so fast you’d be shocked.  Megan’s patterns are laid out so clearly and they’re so easy to follow!  My husband thought this was the coolest.  I even fudged up a couple little curved blocks trimming them up, but you probably can’t tell, right?! 😀

I’m working on a couple other patterns that I’m testing out right now, testing all sorts of different styles and techniques!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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