Mini Quilt for Pins

A good way to use extra made blocks and organize your cute pins!

When I made the seahorses and sandcrabs quilt earlier this year, I made quite a few extra half square triangles.  I also have a few extra half square triangles left over from other projects, and they’ve all found each other in my stash and before they start multiplying, I thought I’d do something with them.

I also have amassed quite the pin collection!  The only bad part of that is that they’re all over the place.  One of my denim jackets is covered, my badge holder has a few, my sewing machine travel bag is basically a billboard, and I had some on my backpack, so I decided I needed somewhere for them all to go together happily as one big happy family!

I decided the easiest thing would be to do is make a mini quilt that they could go onto and hang it in my sewing room!  The first thing I decided to do is get all my little half square triangles together and decide on a layout.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a blue green blue green pattern or a random scattered pattern, but then I thought about doing a fun diamond pattern, and eventually landed on a dark center diamond with alternating blues and greens.  I also used more of the binding scraps from the same quilt these half square triangles came from to put on a border!


I used the “advanced chain piecing” method and this went together super fast!  It measures about 17″ by 26″ and I’m going to do pretty simple quilting because I want the pins to be the focal point, not so much the quilt.  The batting I used were batting scraps that I’d cut off from the sides of a quilt!

The only quilting I did was stitch in the ditch around the white parts.  Then…I added the pins!

And added, and added…and added….!


Then you know, I realized I should have bound this first, but too late, so I bound it with all the pins still on it. (lol)

I added two little hanger corners under the binding, then put it on my wall in my sewing room!


I think it just looks so precious back there!  Now all my cute pins are all on display! (also, yes I’m keeping my Hamming it Up quilt close to my mind at all times!)

I love my little mini pin quilt!  I even have a little more room for a few more pins!  I actually think I’m missing a couple from here, so I’m going to search them out and add them as well.  Anyhow, I hope you’re using your random extra blocks!  I hope you’re not making as many extra half square triangles as me (I still have more, send help!)  Until next time, happy sewing!

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