Hamming it Up Quilt Update 2

It’s coming together and it’s looking REAL silly.

Before I get into the quilt itself, I will say I’m having a struggle to get in touch with someone associated with the Ham Festival in Cadiz to get my quilt in the show!  It will happen, so don’t worry about that, but come on, Kentucky.

This week I realized I’ve made a ton of progress on my Hamming it Up quilt but I  haven’t updated the blog about it!  Or really updated the blog much recently at all!  Sorry about that!  Here I am, making up for it with a really overly goofy quilt update post.  So first, I finished up all of the corn first, because they just needed to be finished first.  Before you get a pet you have to get it’s supplies, so pigs need corn before pigs can come home.  So then I had a couple letters finished and all the corn, so I decided it was time for a pig or two.  Or three.


After I got my big pigs (pattern  by Unicorn Harts) and the first little pig and corn (Patterns by Sew Fresh Quilts) finished, I decided to lay out the blocks to see how this is going to look, and I was tickled.  I decided the next thing I had to finish up were the ribbon letters so I could then fill out the gaps.  So next up were all the ribbon letters!

I absolutely love how this pattern has turned out!  These ribbon letters (Pattern by Patch and Dot) are so cool and I can see them being SO versatile!  I also like that I’m making this in order to get a pig ribbon, and there are already both pigs and ribbons on this quilt.  Very meta.  The next step, filling up the open spaces for the quilt!


All that’s left for the top are the small pigs and a border, and this little piggy will be ready for quilting.  I’m really tickled how this is turning out.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll have some time to get the rest of my little pigs sewn!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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