Life Update!

I didn’t mean to skip a whole month!

So what’s been going on?! So many things! Let me run down a list so that I don’t forget anything:

Tennessee Honey Festival – This is the last event I’ll participate in that is organized by Good Neighbors. This was another ill organized, poorly executed, over priced event. Considering the other events that I am a part of that cost much less money and are better advertised as even having vendors, it doesn’t make sense to continue to line this organization’s pockets while I barely make any sales.

Cadiz Ham Festival – I believe my prior blog posts can express how excited I was about participating in the event’s quilt show, especially with the opportunity to win a pig ribbon! Well, I’m keeping the results to myself at the moment (unless you know me in person, I’ve probably already told you 😄) but I’m planning on a final hamming it up quilt post, so stay tuned! The only spoilers, I did go, I did participate!

New job! – I’ve been working with the same company in Nashville since 2011 but last Friday was my last day. Not only that, the next day I hoped on a plane and flew to Kansas City, MO with my new job for a conference! Lucky for me I’ve volunteered at QuiltCon, and a lot of the duties I had transferred over (sadly though, no white glove-ing). I’m absolutely thrilled to start this new refreshing challenge. However, before I could start my new job, I needed to complete a 43 page manual from scratch to explain the how to’s of my job, which was even more time consuming than it sounds.

Quilting Everything – I have been working on my quilt top backlog, and I’m doing my absolute best to knock them out!! I’ve started by finishing backs of completed tops, basting, and making a pile. One at a time, they’re going to be completed. It’s coming, I just know it. Until then, I’ve only been making occasional pop up plushies as they’re requested!

CVQA Quilt Show – My guild, Music City Modern Quilters, had an exhibit at the Cumberland Valley Quilters Association in Franklin, TN and several of our members had quilts on display.

Quilt Retreat – I went on our guild’s quilt retreat, and it was everything I was expecting, then took a turn for the worse. I don’t want to go on a rant, so I’ll just leave it at I voted no from the start on the location that was chosen for the reasons I knew would be issues, and they were issues. The company was wonderful, the environment could have been much better.

So! Yes, it’s been a bit of a month!! I’ll get back on my blogging routine very soon, don’t worry. What have y’all been up to? Until next time, happy sewing!