Hamming it up: Update 3 – Final

(Guess who’s back!) So here’s what happened in Cadiz!

I made my way up to Cadiz the Tuesday before the show and was so excited to drop off my Hamming It Up quilt, as well as my Starburst quilt and my Bad Girl quilt. I figured the more quilts, the better chances to get that ribbon!

For the quilting on this quilt I used pink thread, and I used straight lines on a diagonal for the body, “cursive lower case l” type loops in the border, and pig snouts in the corners.

Cadiz was what I expected; a cute small town with a lot of love for pigs!! However, the Ham Festival wasn’t what I was expecting at all! The first drive I took up to Cadiz I saw many life size pig statues painted differently all around town, sides of buildings had murals with a random pig thrown in, just pig stuff everywhere. So I was sure that the Ham Festival was going to be over the top, right!?

It was a let down, guys. Dax and I arrived an hour before the end of the event, thinking surely there would be plenty going on and yes, there were lots of people, but to be honest, this could have just been any town random street festival. Almost nothing pig themed, just a lot of businesses, nothing super piggy, guys. As a matter of fact, I barely have any photos because there wasn’t much really photo worthy!!

I did go into the quilt show, HOWEVER it was being taken down! A full hour before the end of the of the event! So once again, no great photos because everything was being taken down!

All that aside, I did get this sweet piggy shirt.

I don’t regret doing the Ham Festival, and I especially don’t regret making my piggy quilt.  It just goes to show you, do what you love and love what you do.


Until next time, happy sewing!!

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