2019 Goals check in

Here’s how I did in 2019!

I like setting goals for myself at the beginning of the year to keep myself focused on an end result. I did it at the beginning of this year, and in a couple weeks I’ll have my 2020 goals ready to go! Here’s a look at my goals for 2019 and how I did this year:

  • Do more with less

I feel like I bought less fabric… That might not be the case but I sure feel like it! I have also unintentionally paired down my blog posts and everything, but it’s alright! I’m just working on getting balance back.

  • Quilt more

I did quilt more! For sure!! I have been venturing out and doing different designs, patterns, and having a lot of fun with it.

  • Lose 15 pounds

I absolutely lost 15 pounds. This was a constant struggle; hormonal weight gain is no joke and you just have to wait it out! Once my body got “back to normal” all my work started paying off.

  • Design 2 patterns

So, haha, my one pattern is still in the same spot that it was, just needs photos and the pieces need cleaning up. No progress, but I’d still like this to happen.

Three out of four isn’t too bad!! I’m not sure exactly what goals I want to set for this year, but I’m excited about the new year! Until next time, happy sewing.

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