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A look at things making me happy this time of year.

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In all the excitement..

…I forgot to blog!

The quilt was completed!  😀  I can now say that it got to its destination in time for the baby shower, too. 😀

This was so fun that I decided to make another one of these as soon as I finish up these couple of bags I need to work on.  The next will be using the fabric line The Littles by Michael Miller and will have Riley Blake Fly Aweigh waves for the backing.  I’m excited for all my “parts” to come in so I can get it going!


Since this post took a little time, I’ve also been to my guild!  We learned improvisational curves from Jayne and perfect machine binding from Stefanie.  I even got a new gadget!  It’s The Binding Tool and it’s probably right up there with wonder clips as far as amazing.  It really helps to clean up where your end pieces come together.  I think we all had a great time and we all made some pretty cute things!  Here’s what I made.

cut, pieced, quilted!

cut, pieced, quilted!

I finished mine up once I got home, and now it's hanging up in my sewing room!

I finished mine up once I got home, and now it’s hanging up in my sewing room!



So now that we’re all caught up, this weekend is Paducah!!!  I’m excited, me, my mother in law and aunt are all loading up Saturday morning to go see what all the fuss is about, also Hancock’s.  If you also want to see what all the commotion is about, follow me on Instagram this weekend.  I’m going to be using #PQW2015 so everything should be (SHOULD…be) together.  It looks as though the weather may not be..pleasant, but we’ll make the best of it!  I know a few others from my guild are also making the journey to Paducah, are you coming too?  Let me know!!

Well, I’ve got some pre Paducah preparation planning to get back to, so until next time!  Happy sewing!

P.S. Al had to jump into my photo shoot of the quilt.

So majestic....

So majestic….

Such a busy week!

In a good way busy, not like a crazy hair pulling out week.  I somehow feel like I’m ahead of the curve today, which makes me think I’ve forgotten something.  I’m on the look out for…whatever it is.

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately!  And Filofax-ing!  I have been doing a instagram daily photo challenge which has made me kind of pay attention to things a little more.  One of the days was “motivation” and I made something for my filofax just for this day.  It’s a little “tag” that goes into the current month with my monthly goals.  Here it is:


it was really easy to make, just a tag, some washi tape and highlighters.  I really did want something kind of in my face every day that would reaffirm my goals, and this was really helpful to me.  If you’ll notice the first goal is “Finish a Project” which…hello I don’t do that.  But, I figured, even the slightest nudge can get the rock rolling.  Apparently I was right!




I got all those wallets made, which, the last two were unusually easy on my sewing machine and made me very suspicious.  The finishing stitch that goes all the way around is really difficult, even with a denim needle, and I almost thought I’d need to get a different needle, then those two were so simple that I guess not.  I finished making my niece’s little rag quilt bigger, which that was the easy part, the snipping was the killer.  I’d half snipped this and it hurt my my hand so much I just let it sit there for a while.  Some recent events made me decide I need to hurry up and get it sent back.  And then I didn’t want to send her something in the mail and not send my nephew something too, so I made him a little puppy.  What little boy doesn’t need a puppy!?!

I also got in some fabric that my sweet husband ordered for me so I can make myself a new bag.  My purse is still just fantastic, but I need more room now!  My old planner fit perfectly, and my filofax is just a bit bigger.  I’m making The Kennedy Bag using a couple of the light blue and navy patterns from Studio M for Moda, Mixology (cosmopolitan ice blueberry, manhattan blueberry and old fashioned blueberry)  I’m pretty excited about this bag.  I’ve not made a bag with this much hardware, so I’m anxious to see how it’ll turn out.  I ordered some soft and stable to finish it, which should be delivered today, so I can get back to work! 🙂  I also started a cross quilt (because one can never have too many projects at once!) but I think my math may have been a little off, and I need to tweak it.

Another new development: Bread.

I wanted to get a bread maker once we moved, but lucky me, the previous owner left one (amongst less desirable things…) in the kitchen!  Well it’s been sitting there, waiting, and when we got snowed in last week I got a recipe from the devil and tested it out. (After about an hour of cleaning it up omg)  The results:  perfectly edible and yummy bread!  The only tricky thing is making sure it has enough flour or water.  Thankfully my days of working at Papa John’s left me with the knowledge of how dough should feel, not too sticky but not too dry.  Just…almost…tacky.  I immediately wanted to make more bread.  I quickly discovered that some people don’t put the loaf size on their recipes, and my loaf of cinnamon raisin bread (which, was delicious) turned out MUCH larger than my machine was ready to handle, and I caught it just in time to toss it in the oven before it got much bigger and perhaps would have popped the top off of the machine.  It was kind of like the blob.  I then found a much more suited for my machine recipe, and I made a loaf and brought it to work this week.  I think the locals were pleased.  My next loaf project: banana nut bread.  Despite this story I’m going to go get some bananas and walnuts today.  Details to follow.




That’s what’s been going on over here!  Until next time!  Happy sewing!

This week on CFS

I really wanted to save my blog post until tomorrow afternoon, but I thought I’d go ahead and post today!

Last weekend I decided to heck with this “Can’t sew because I have to keep the house super neat and tidy” business and I went to work.  I had some fat quarters that I needed/wanted to use up, and I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly I wanted to do with them.  Knowing that I needed some fast easy projects done so I’d build up my shop’s inventory, I decided to whip out some diaper straps.  They’re fast, easy, and pretty inexpensive to make.




I have a few other small things to work on; I need to make my niece’s green and pink blanket bigger and my sister a…something.  I actually know what it is…but I don’t know if she reads my blog or not (it’s not the sister that I know doesn’t read it! HAH!) so I can’t say.  I’m also trying to get an inventory of what all I have in my stash. I feel like I should have done that already, but nope. I mean, there is a lot of stuff and some things….that’s good enough, right? 😉

I wanted to wait until tomorrow because we’re dying fabric at my guild meeting! Yes! Omg! What! It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun, hopefully I don’t come out looking smurfy, I have pictures to take on Sunday!

I also have had some more fun trips with Al to the park.  He seems to really like going, and I do too.  Sure beats sitting around at work.  I get to get outside and walk around with my dog in peace and quiet?!  What’s not to love!?  Al is just so precious, he loves walking around and sniffing everything, even when it’s duck poop and I freak out.





Anyhow! That’s my update for the week! Until next time, happy sewing!

Snowballing!! Avalanche alert!

Yes.  In May!

I know that this just doesn’t happen to me, (right? RIGHT?!)

When I am feeling sad or in a funk, I dive into making.  I sew random things, I don’t let my disdain for cooking keep me out of the kitchen.  (and hey, even if I don’t like to cook, doesn’t mean I can’t do it.  I can do it pretty spectacularly, and it’s ALWAYS pretty, but I just don’t….enjoy it.  It’s so gross.  Meat all in your fingers…or flour that won’t go away…greasy EVERYTHING…basically I don’t want to make food.  I do it….but I do not enjoy it.)


Amazing chicken enchiladas. Again, I CAN do it, I just don’t WANT to do it.

Anyhow…so yes, I delve into making things.  The only bad thing is that there isn’t enough time.  I work full-time, so…I’m at this whole, job thing all week.  So when I get home, I don’t want to make dinner but I do it anyway, I don’t want to go to the gym but I do it anyway (I’m still about 7 pounds away from my first weight goal, so I need the gym), and I only get to sew for like, a couple of hours at the most.  Which…I mean is basically pointless.  In my world anyway.


Sad Sunday sewing.


He did help me feel a little better.

When I go to my sewing room, Al follows me and sits on the bed across the room, stares at me and whines.  He doesn’t like it that my husband and I are in two separate rooms, and he doesn’t like that he can’t sit on me.  So, he just whines.  I take this as he needs to go out, so we go, he doesn’t do anything and we go back inside…and he whines some more.  This continues until I can’t stand it anymore, and then we go watch tv.  Meanwhile I’ll have gotten two pockets sewn, flipped and pressed.  Basically nothing done.  Like, why did I even turn my iron on at all?!  It’s turned off twice from inactivity…


“why can’t I sit on you?”

Well, while I’m wanting to sew and can’t, I think of things I want to sew.  My brain literally fills up with “I wish I could be sewing this, oh I should be finishing that, I am literally almost done with that”‘s and it gets a little crippling.  So much that between Al whining at me and the two seconds of sewing I can get in, that I feel like I’m getting nothing done.  Then I think of ideas for my etsy shop.  This, is no help at all.  I want to get enough things in my store that instead of having sections like “bags, coasters, quilts” and whatever, (lame.) I want to have a cute, a fluffin, and a stitch sections.  For example, cute stuff would be like, stuffed animals, or would they be fluffin, one of the two.  Stitch would be like coasters and bags….I guess?  See, do you see what my brain is doing?!  It’s all squished in there not making any sense!!!!

My planner is really helping me out with all of this.  When I can make a list, and I can cross things off, I feel a little more accomplished and less in a whirlwind of “what am I even doing with my sewing life?!”  So if you, like me, feel like you’re in a whirlwind of not getting what you want done accomplished, make a list.  It helps me keep myself accountable.  Also, I make little notes like, when I did something so that if I wonder “when’s the last time I cleaned the bathroom?” I can look and say “Oh, last Wednesday”.



Anyhow, so that’s what is going on with me.  I’m trying to make my lists and stick to them.  Even though there are arrows…and..scribbles. :O


Sewing has been bumped like, 3 days. At least I can cross off “Blog” now, right?! 😀

I hope you’re all keeping a little more motivated and organized than I am!  Until next time!  Happy sewing! 😀

Earth Day week!


Just for Earth Day, and just in time for Mother’s day!  I have added a 20% off coupon in my shop!  Use the key word KeepItGreen at checkout!  It’s good through the end of this month!


First, I would like to discuss Saturday.  This was my plan:

  1. Drop rings at jeweler
  2. Quilt guild – awesome paper piecing!
  3. Hair cut
  4. Pick up rings

This is what actually happened:

  1. Dropped rings off
  2. Car battery is dead (Completely out of the blue, mind you!)
  3. Trip to Auto Zone to discover my battery has to be replaced going through the wheel base
  4. Sitting at Midas for about 3 or 4 hours (Saturday is the worst at Midas)


    This guy….

  5. Mexican food
  6. Picked up rings
  7. Hair cut

The girl who cut my hair pointed out that I have a gray “patch” of hair.  A PATCH.  I mean, at least I got the Mexican food or I would have just completely lost it.  Plus my rings look all shiny and new again, so…the whole day wasn’t lost.

So Pretty :D So Shiny!!

So Pretty 😀 So Shiny!!

So I went home and finished up the bag I was making for my husband’s aunt, and I forgot to even take a picture of it!!!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?! 😯  It looks really great.  It is kind of a combo of the jelly roll bag and the postage stamp bag.  I really am kicking myself over not taking a picture though.  It was super cute.  Also, Aunt Nancy really liked it, which is what’s important.

Easter  has really put me into a funk, because the neighbor kid had thrown an egg into our yard, and then Al ate it…and has been sick to his stomach ever since.  I’m really hoping that it’s out of his system by now.  I hate it when he’s sick. 😦

upset tummy for days....maybe it's the laundry?

upset tummy for days….maybe it’s the laundry?

*UPDATE* Al seems to be over his upset stomach 😀

Okay so Earth day!  I really like Earth Day.  I wouldn’t say I’m a hippie, but I do like flowers, trees, and especially bees.  Of all of the insects, bees are the most obviously useful, so they are my favorite.  I can very easily say that Bee Movie is one of my favorite of the newer kids movies (and, hello, Jerry Seinfeld, who doesn’t love Jerry?  And Ray Liotta Honey?!?!  YES!).  Plus they’re so cute, I mean look at them, fat little bodies, not ashamed to wear stripes.  They dance around like no one is watching.  So brave.  Without bees, we don’t have anything really, so in my eyes, Earth Day is kind of like Bee Day. Thinking bee!  Thinking bee!



Also, bees don’t sting you for no reason, like wasps, A.K.A. death flies.  I went home at lunch to check on Al, took him outside, and OUT OF NO WHERE THIS DEATH FLY STUNG ME!  Okay, I’m not dead, so that is a plus, but I don’t know if I’m allergic or anything.  My dad is supposedly deathly allergic to yellow jackets, but I don’t know if that is true 😕 …all I know is this hurt like the dickens, burned, felt like little needles going up my arm!!!  It was just as awful as I remember the last time was, except on my arm and not in my pants leg unidentified and ten times more scary.  Day two it’s still pretty swollen and sore, and itchy, but I think I’m going to make it to at least Cinco de Mayo.  Let’s not give these awful death flies any more attention than they deserve.

No sting vs sting

No sting vs sting

Anyhow….I am planning on doing a little paper piecing of my own.  I found the cutest little hexagon bee.  YES, BEES AGAIN! 😀  So I’m going to give that an effort.  I’ve watched about a million YouTube videos on how to paper piece, so I’m going to just suck it up and try it.  Please, wish me luck.


This is blown up 200% I figured the bigger the easier...right?

This is blown up 200% I figured the bigger the easier…right?

Until  next time!  Stay away from wasps!  And happy sewing!


Finished last night! :D

Finished last night! 😀  I trimmed it kind of…wonky but hey, first shot!

A day late and a blog short

So, there are a whole lot of things going on in our house right now that mostly involve moving, and it’s 100% stressing me out.   Typically when I’m stressed I tend to lose weight (don’t hate me…I didn’t ask for this!), so will this be a win-win?!  New house, smaller waistline?!  We’ll just see!  I am kind of excited at the prospect of having a sewing room that is just a sewing room and not a spare bedroom, must better lighting (anything would be an improvement) and being able to like, really set it up exactly how I’d like it to be. 😀


Stress face….and Al….Being a ham.

Because of these stressful things, I haven’t been doing a WHOLE lot of sewing.  I know, it’s just awful.  Sewing should help with the stress, and I’m doing the opposite.  The times that I have hunkered down to sew, it’s not been turning out quite like I’d hope, so that’s been no fun.

I started making a bag for my husband’s aunt so that when we go down there for Easter, I can give to her.  Well the first run turned into a big fiasco.  One of the patterns got cut too short, it affected all of the columns, the fix was working for half of the process but then just stopped.  Why, I don’t know!!!  Plus, for some reason, all of the columns I was sewing together started bowing.  They’re starting to look more backwards C like than just columns, and again, I have no reason why.  The more they bowed, the less the seams were lining up, so I told the hubs, he suggested just starting over.  Yea, because it’s that easy, right?! O_O


It started out so nice *sigh*

Well it turns out in this one instance it was.  I had plenty of leftover pieces from this jelly roll I was using, so I decided to make another, just a quicker one.  Instead of doing the postage stamp patch work, I am doing this bag the same way I have done the other bags in my shop; straight rows.  I got that all sewn together, and I FMQ’d it, got all the pieces cut out, got my zipper…just sitting there waiting…

So now really all I need to do is put all this together.  It will be totally fine, I know.  So that’s what I’ll be working on tonight.  Tomorrow’s quilt guild time (Yay!) and we’re doing paper piecing.  Not the English style, the one with the paper base…and you sew on the paper, or something.  I’m excited because I have seen so many of these patterns that I’ve wanted to try, and now, once again, my guild is pushing this little bird out of the nest and right into “you’re going to face your fears and sew what you are afraid to sew” real life.  I’m using this cute little lady bug.  It is not hard looking at all, so I’m pretty stoked.

Anyhow, that is all that’s really going on right now; stress, being busy, bag sewing problems, y’know, stuff.

Until next time, happy sewing!

April showers bring…rain. Just rain! :D

So I wanted this blog to be a tutorial on quilted bags, but that may wait until next week.  I am very excited though because I finished my bag for myself!!


Love my bag 😀

It’s so cute!  And light!  And holds all my stuff!!  I’m in love with my precious bag!

Anyhow, I’m having a splendid day over here.  My friend bought one of my bags, which makes me very happy.  If you saw the blue and white bag on my etsy page, it is gone now!  Off to a happy home!  Don’t worry, I can make at least one more!  Maybe two, I can’t recall right off.  My eldest sister is coming to visit this weekend, so we’re planning a trip to the zoo and stuff with her kids.  So that’ll be fun too!

I’ve also been working on some Alabama bags for my shop.  If a certain little puppy would stop crying for me to stop sewing so he can just sit on me (yes, the struggle is real.) then it would have been finished two days ago.  All my parts are cut out, just waiting to be put together.  Anyhow, that’s really all that’s going on over here.  Just making bags, mentally trying to fix that quilt binding, trying to convince Al that I’m pulling his weight by selling bags so he doesn’t have to work.


“Oh, you want to sew?? I’m going to whimper and look at you with sad eyes until you stop.”


sneak peek! 😀

Until next time, happy sewing!