National Sewing Month!

Oh September, where to I begin?

I know I have been sort of absent lately.  Things seem to have gone into hypermode before I went on vacation last week, and my poor brain really can’t handle it.  I have not been able to sew as much as I’d like, which hello, annoying much?  It isn’t really any one thing’s fault.  I am taking some steps in the right direction to get my sew-jo back.  I’ve started upping my gym time, which always gives me a boost, and I’m making more lists.  WHO DOESN’T BENEFIT FROM A LIST?!  I’m also trying to make myself get more sleep.  A happy sleeper is a happy maker….I’m sure someone has said something along those lines before, right?! 😀

So I’d love to share with you all my pictures from going to the beach last week, but my phone decided to take a trip into the toilet and die within minutes of said trip on Monday.  So all of my pictures are gone. 😥  And yes, I JUST got that phone maybe 2 – 3 weeks ago??  It’s alright, I just went to Verizon and got another phone, and it’s already growing on me.  I will tell you that we had such a fantastic time!  Searching for sand crabs, jellyfish encounters, and any anniversary trip with my man is always a fun time.  He even got me a tiny pearl from an oyster! ❤

On my personal sewing agenda I have 3 projects in the works:

  • Finish Nautical Baby Quilt
  • Michael Miller Fabric Challenge
  • Needle point

The baby quilt really does not have much to go, I just need to cut the backing, baste, quilt and bind.  I may actually finish most of that up this weekend.  Hopefully.  I don’t know, it’s football weekend, but it is also Labor Day weekend…the weekend is long and young.

My Michael Miller Fabric Challenge actually does have a deadline in November.  I have all of my EPP hexies basted, I just need to attach them, and figure out my “tails”.

Needle point, well, is just so fun.  Melinda and I have been working on a whole lot of them to sell at the upcoming craft fair in Nashville this month.

Speaking of the upcoming craft fair!  September 12 from 3-8pm we’ll be at the Handmade Nashville pop up at Curvy Yoga! Come by and say hi! Anyway, that’s about it for me!
Until next time! Happy sewing!