Fabric Friday!

Look everyone is always coming up with cute things; WIP Wednesday, tutorial Tuesday, so I’m making it Fabric Friday.

I was really hoping to have my bags at least started by today, but that’s where the postal service gets involved.  I was supposed to have my fabric delivered Wednesday, which would have been great.  But, it didn’t come while I was at lunch, then when I got home after work there it was, the dreaded ‘sorry we missed you!’ card in my mailbox.


So, I took my card yesterday (Thursday) to the post office close by…only to be told I have to go to the other post office.  Okay, I wouldn’t say I have a vendetta against this other post office, but I do hate it a whole lot.  They’re mean, they send all postal notifications in Spanish, they delivered a super suspicious box to me and then gave me an attitude about coming to pick it up.  I mean I’ve emailed the post master general about it.  Yes, I actually did it.  I think it helped, I don’t get nearly as much Spanish mail anymore.

So, today I’m going over to the post office of doom on my lunch break, because they close at 4:30 (what kind of crap is that? 9-4:30?!) and that’s when I get off work.  Then, I can FINALLY get my little jelly roll and stripes and get to work.

Do you have any plans this weekend?  My husband’s bff (do grown men have bffs? I think so) is spending a few days with us starting this weekend, and we have a nephew birthday party!

Happy sewing everyone!

Working, toiling, plotting

Happy Friday everyone!

I know I fell off the map for a few weeks, but here I am!  Just as chipper as ever!  I’ve been working on a few little things here and there, trying to finish things up!  I have GOT to get more listings in my shop, and to list things I have to make things!  (it’s just the way it works)

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve completed the top for the chevron quilt!  It’s marvelous!  Well, I say completed, but now I’m thinking I want to add a border.  It’s 58″ x 72″ and I want it just a little bigger.  But the good news is the real pain in the butt part is done!  All those little squares, they’re all together.  One big happy family.  And they look so fancy!


I’m SO HAPPY this is done!!!

My sister-in-law asked about some owls for my nephew’s daycare and a pillow for my nephew when he goes to daycare.  I decided trying to make a pattern I already have larger would be more difficult than just making a new one.  I got started on one of the owls, and wouldn’t you know it I ran out of stuffing!  I did get him completed though.  He’s just a cute little bugger.


I made him using Simply Color by V & Co

Now, I’ve started on a “quick quilt” (or at least I’m telling myself that) that I’m excited about.  I’m using a jelly roll, and basically just sewing all the strips together and then I’m going to cut out a section and flip it.  I think that it’ll be super cool.  I already know I’ll have to put some sort of border on it, but I think I’ve got that figured out, too.


I’ve already got the purple pieces sewn together 😀

The weather has been fantastic lately!  Very un-August in the South.  It’s barely gotten into the 90’s all Summer!!!  Unheard of!!!

Well, until next time!  Happy sewing everyone!


Al would rather I not sew and just let him sit in my lap all day.

The things they don’t tell you

I remember the first time I sewed anything.  I remember fixing a doll pillow when I was less than ten years old.  Maybe I was five or so…but I thought it was so fun…then we had to test the strength!  It held up just fine, but it was so simple.  I also remember sewing Barbie clothes…and by clothes I mean a tube that could fit over her curves…somehow.  And once again, so very simple.  Just thread, cloth, a needle.  Nothing to extensive.

Now that I’m older, sewing seems to much more complex.  There’s all this measuring and ironing.  IRONING.  This is how I feel when it comes times to iron.


There is SO much ironing.  You have to iron, cut, maybe iron again…sew…then iron again…then sew again then IRON again…then later you’re going to iron a few more times!

I don’t remember ironing Barbie’s clothes.  Or that doll pillow!  But last night, I made some coasters.  These are very simple, just two pieces of a charm pack with some of that…stuff…I can’t think of what it’s called right now…in the middle to give it some absorbance and some stiffness.  And it’s really easy, just sew together, snip corners, flip inside out, bla bla.  I have to iron it 3 times….and that’s one with no label!  THREE TIMES!  For a SQUARE!

And that steam burns my hands!  My poor little hands!

What else don’t they tell you….how fabric wiggles and makes your straight line kind of askew.  And it’s not noticeable until it’s too late.  Then what are you going to do, take out that entire seam?!  Oh my GOD!  It took what feels like an eternity to get from one end to the other!  And when you’re back sewing, how come sometimes it just goes a little off to the side?  What’s up with that!

Well, that’s all behind us now.  It’s Friday, and nothing can be bad on a Friday!  I’m planning on quilting more when I get home.  It’s on my “to do list” at the very top, ‘Do some sewing!!!’ and it’s marked urgent!  I mean, if that’s not motivation enough! 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!

It’s Friday, Friday

Well, here we are again, Friday.  You sneak up on me and I feel like I haven’t done anything for about 7 days.  For two days in a row I’ve gone home and just crashed in a slump.  I blame yesterday on one of the HBO’s showing Death Becomes Her, a movie I haven’t seen in YEARS and I couldn’t resist watching!  I also was shocked because I never realized #1 the guy in that is Bruce Willis, #2 his wife is Meryl Streep and #3 that even funnier as an adult.

Tonight, I am hoping that some sewing will get in.  We’re having to make a Sam’s run and we need to do some serious cleaning around the house.  

My goat (yes I have a goat!) Just had her first kid!

isn’t that just sweet?

Anyhow, I’m hoping to maybe get home a tiny bit early, maybe if I start on cleaning up it’ll be done faster and I can sew!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Saturday night’s alright for…sewing! :D

And hopefully Friday night is too!  Well I’m just keeping my fingers crossed over here, the hubs needs new shoes, and it’s Friday which in my house means we get to eat out (yippee!),and my husband wants us to go fishing this weekend, and at some point this weekend I need to give my little Al a bath.

See, he’s a long hair dachshund that tries to bite a brush if you brush him (obviously a death harboring monster.), so he doesn’t get brushed as often as he needs, and he gets these little mats in his hair…and then I look like a bad mommy!  And he’s going to work with the husband one day next week (lord help those poor souls…the barking…THE BARKING!) so it’s just got to be done.  Luckily he had a bath just a few weeks ago after we went camping, so right now his mats are few and small…more like knots at this point.  I’m just happy his nails are still trimmed up for now.  A bath, he’s okay, even gives a light blow-drying a chance…but nail trimming?!  It’s a two-man job, armed with treats.  You wouldn’t think 13lbs of doggy would be so much trouble. *Aww but we love him so much he’s no trouble at all! :D*

So I’m hoping to get some of that quilt sewn together.  Halfway done with the chevron side, if I can just pump up the volume and really crack down, I can get it all sewn together….maybe tonight!  Which would blow my mind…and then I’d be like “well, that escalated quickly” and then would need to start laying things around and finding space and shooing Al from stomping on my quilt…then start the pinning and the trimming…and the plotting…. 😀

Well, I’ll have an update either tomorrow….or Monday.  Until then, I leave you with this little gem.  This is Al’s little “friend” Crinkle Weenie.  He’s had him almost his whole life!


…Happy Weekend everyone!