Happy Things

A look at things making me happy this time of year.

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So, these past few weeks there have been some happenings in the works!  A few months ago I met the coolest girl on Instagram, and we now happen to live in the same little town.  Her name is Melinda, and we’re discovering that we’re sort of soul twins.  We’re teaming up and soon (time is a flat circle) we’re going to expand Cute Fluffin Stitch to also include fabric and other sewy things!


One thing that we’re wanting to do is get a line of “sassy needle points” which we learned how to do at Homeroom 101 at OMG (Old Made Good) in Nashville a few weeks ago.  Both of us kind of love doing it now.  I’ve made a little set of two hoops for my love of the song Tom Ford by Jay Z.  Melinda’s actually made a few of them for people she knows as well and it’s crazy addicting.  We’re going to have these for sale at the Handmade Nashville pop up we’re doing in September!  You can even come by and order a custom one!  We’re not afraid to stitch what you want.


Do you see fear in there?! I didn’t think so.

Anyhow, I just wanted to give you guys a big heads up and welcome Melinda to Cute Fluffin Stitch!

Friendly Sewing

No danger here! 😀

So this past week I’ve been working on some projects.  Still not finishing up my rainbow quilt, or even the big brown ugly quilt….just little things instead!  I’ve basically got my fingers in my ears going “NANANANANNANANANANANA!” when it comes to finishing my big quilts.  How….sad.  I’ll get around to it, don’t worry.  I always end up back around.

I posted on instagram this wallet that I made from a pattern I found on BurdaStyle and I really wanted to make another one to practice.  Lucky for me my friend Meghan really liked it so I decided well I’m just going to make one for her!  And I did!  I am very happy with the second effort.  I can only post a black and white picture because it’s a secret!  I mean she knows about it, and it’s in the mail…and I only took a black and white picture…but the colors and things are secret! 😀


My sister…yes that one that never reads my blog…liked my bag I made for myself so much that she sent me some fabric to make one for her.  Oh man, y’all.  It’s so pretty. Like hard to cut up pretty.  And it’s BEES!  CUTE LITTLE BEES! *screams and squeals of joy!*  (I really love bees….)


BEES!!!!! Fancy bees!




It hurt me to cut them up they’re so cute and pretty.


but I sewed them back together so it’s okay.

So I’ve been working on that.  I really should have gotten it done this weekend what it being 3 days and all…but I did not.  We looked at a house on Friday that was kind of out there and I got bitten!  By TICKS!  MORE THAN ONE!  Yea, so I’ve been an itchy mess, but I did get some of the sewing done.  Probably…have it done this weekend.  Hopefully….maybe.  I’m really just hoping that these bites are just itchy and not some disease.  The last thing I need is some tick disease.  Or any disease for that matter.  So now I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday…which is postponing the sewing.  Stupid ticks. -_-

Anyhow!  I hope everyone is having a lovely tick bite free week!

Until next time!  Happy sewing!