Bunny Brain

Do you ever get into about 20 little projects at once?  I know that you do!  If you’re reading this you probably sew, and UFOs are a very real thing because everyone gets distracted!

I am sewing up a storm (again) for (another) craft fair in October in Murfreesboro, TN and my brain is doing something that I’ve deemed “bunny brain” where I start one thing, hop to something else, go back, hop again, hop hop, hopping all over.  Maybe it’s ADD.  My brain just likes when I am doing a lot, because it’s noisy up there, and to be noisy outside as well as inside makes things seem normal.  Sadly it isn’t always very productive.  So I decided, I’m probably not the only one and I thought I would share with you some tips that I use to cage the bunny, so to speak.  (My god I hope that isn’t code for something)

Bunny Brain Tips

  • Planner

My planner is a real godsend.  My planner isn’t always cuted up and adorable, (but then sometimes it is!!!) I just need to take a little time each week and write everything down.  Actually writing it down, not just typing things up on a Google calendar, which I also use, actually helps make things STICK in my head.  It also helps me to generally have a plan.  Not a 8:05 pour coffee 8:07 sit down and do whatever, but a “alright today I want to sew, clean and go to the grocery store”, then block out times to get things done.

  • Lists

This goes hand in hand with my planner, because this is typically where my lists go.  Lists help me put tasks into steps.  They also help me keep track of what I want to get done, how far along I’ve come, and when I finished things.

  • Goals

I found the best way to start (and finish!) a project is to first make goals.  When I got my planner, I decided I was going to set monthly goals for myself.  They’re really vague, like finish a project, declutter, but even these are little goals.  With goals, one little goal leads to a larger goal and so on.  So decluttering for me started as thinning out my clothes.  I have a lot of clothes and I don’t wear a lot of them.  I started thinning them out, then it led to thinning out my nail polish (Hi, my name is Ashley and I have a nail polish addiction) then thinning out the junk I had in my jewelry  box.  You see where I’m going?

  • Reflection

I (should more than I do) take time to look back at my lists and notes to myself in my planner and it helps me to see that I can finish projects and accomplish goals that I set for myself, and it helps me continue to finish projects.  The sense of accomplishment that I get from looking back really helps me to strive for more.

  • MAKE Time

Something I think everyone can agree on is that sometimes “there just aren’t enough hours in the day” trust me- I’m trying to instil a gym routine, I know.  Sometimes, if you really want to get something done, you have to make time.  You have to wake up a little earlier, schedule out some time, and DON’T PUT IT OFF.  I’m entirely guilty of that, but the less you do it, the easier the habit is to break.

Anyhow, those are my tips on keeping your brain in check. 🙂  In sewing news, I finished up the nautical baby quilt that I’ve been working on!

I quilted with some “organic waves” that I did using my walking foot, and I machine bound it, didn’t like it, took it all off and hand bound it.  I have never done hand binding before, and it was actually very fun!  (it fulfilled my monthly goal of “try something new”) I can’t sit and cross stitch or needle point while watching tv, but I CAN hand bind!  And, well, I have a tv obsession.  (If you are one of those who has “gone off of cable” you’re a better person than I will ever be!)  I’m also working on my Michael Miller Fabric challenge, but it’s still sitting on the design wall, waiting for its turn.  I hope you’re all having a great Fall so far!!!

Until next time, happy sewing!