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Of cranes.

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Earth Day week!


Just for Earth Day, and just in time for Mother’s day!  I have added a 20% off coupon in my shop!  Use the key word KeepItGreen at checkout!  It’s good through the end of this month!


First, I would like to discuss Saturday.  This was my plan:

  1. Drop rings at jeweler
  2. Quilt guild – awesome paper piecing!
  3. Hair cut
  4. Pick up rings

This is what actually happened:

  1. Dropped rings off
  2. Car battery is dead (Completely out of the blue, mind you!)
  3. Trip to Auto Zone to discover my battery has to be replaced going through the wheel base
  4. Sitting at Midas for about 3 or 4 hours (Saturday is the worst at Midas)


    This guy….

  5. Mexican food
  6. Picked up rings
  7. Hair cut

The girl who cut my hair pointed out that I have a gray “patch” of hair.  A PATCH.  I mean, at least I got the Mexican food or I would have just completely lost it.  Plus my rings look all shiny and new again, so…the whole day wasn’t lost.

So Pretty :D So Shiny!!

So Pretty 😀 So Shiny!!

So I went home and finished up the bag I was making for my husband’s aunt, and I forgot to even take a picture of it!!!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?! 😯  It looks really great.  It is kind of a combo of the jelly roll bag and the postage stamp bag.  I really am kicking myself over not taking a picture though.  It was super cute.  Also, Aunt Nancy really liked it, which is what’s important.

Easter  has really put me into a funk, because the neighbor kid had thrown an egg into our yard, and then Al ate it…and has been sick to his stomach ever since.  I’m really hoping that it’s out of his system by now.  I hate it when he’s sick. 😦

upset tummy for days....maybe it's the laundry?

upset tummy for days….maybe it’s the laundry?

*UPDATE* Al seems to be over his upset stomach 😀

Okay so Earth day!  I really like Earth Day.  I wouldn’t say I’m a hippie, but I do like flowers, trees, and especially bees.  Of all of the insects, bees are the most obviously useful, so they are my favorite.  I can very easily say that Bee Movie is one of my favorite of the newer kids movies (and, hello, Jerry Seinfeld, who doesn’t love Jerry?  And Ray Liotta Honey?!?!  YES!).  Plus they’re so cute, I mean look at them, fat little bodies, not ashamed to wear stripes.  They dance around like no one is watching.  So brave.  Without bees, we don’t have anything really, so in my eyes, Earth Day is kind of like Bee Day. Thinking bee!  Thinking bee!



Also, bees don’t sting you for no reason, like wasps, A.K.A. death flies.  I went home at lunch to check on Al, took him outside, and OUT OF NO WHERE THIS DEATH FLY STUNG ME!  Okay, I’m not dead, so that is a plus, but I don’t know if I’m allergic or anything.  My dad is supposedly deathly allergic to yellow jackets, but I don’t know if that is true 😕 …all I know is this hurt like the dickens, burned, felt like little needles going up my arm!!!  It was just as awful as I remember the last time was, except on my arm and not in my pants leg unidentified and ten times more scary.  Day two it’s still pretty swollen and sore, and itchy, but I think I’m going to make it to at least Cinco de Mayo.  Let’s not give these awful death flies any more attention than they deserve.

No sting vs sting

No sting vs sting

Anyhow….I am planning on doing a little paper piecing of my own.  I found the cutest little hexagon bee.  YES, BEES AGAIN! 😀  So I’m going to give that an effort.  I’ve watched about a million YouTube videos on how to paper piece, so I’m going to just suck it up and try it.  Please, wish me luck.


This is blown up 200% I figured the bigger the easier...right?

This is blown up 200% I figured the bigger the easier…right?

Until  next time!  Stay away from wasps!  And happy sewing!


Finished last night! :D

Finished last night! 😀  I trimmed it kind of…wonky but hey, first shot!

A day late and a blog short

So, there are a whole lot of things going on in our house right now that mostly involve moving, and it’s 100% stressing me out.   Typically when I’m stressed I tend to lose weight (don’t hate me…I didn’t ask for this!), so will this be a win-win?!  New house, smaller waistline?!  We’ll just see!  I am kind of excited at the prospect of having a sewing room that is just a sewing room and not a spare bedroom, must better lighting (anything would be an improvement) and being able to like, really set it up exactly how I’d like it to be. 😀


Stress face….and Al….Being a ham.

Because of these stressful things, I haven’t been doing a WHOLE lot of sewing.  I know, it’s just awful.  Sewing should help with the stress, and I’m doing the opposite.  The times that I have hunkered down to sew, it’s not been turning out quite like I’d hope, so that’s been no fun.

I started making a bag for my husband’s aunt so that when we go down there for Easter, I can give to her.  Well the first run turned into a big fiasco.  One of the patterns got cut too short, it affected all of the columns, the fix was working for half of the process but then just stopped.  Why, I don’t know!!!  Plus, for some reason, all of the columns I was sewing together started bowing.  They’re starting to look more backwards C like than just columns, and again, I have no reason why.  The more they bowed, the less the seams were lining up, so I told the hubs, he suggested just starting over.  Yea, because it’s that easy, right?! O_O


It started out so nice *sigh*

Well it turns out in this one instance it was.  I had plenty of leftover pieces from this jelly roll I was using, so I decided to make another, just a quicker one.  Instead of doing the postage stamp patch work, I am doing this bag the same way I have done the other bags in my shop; straight rows.  I got that all sewn together, and I FMQ’d it, got all the pieces cut out, got my zipper…just sitting there waiting…

So now really all I need to do is put all this together.  It will be totally fine, I know.  So that’s what I’ll be working on tonight.  Tomorrow’s quilt guild time (Yay!) and we’re doing paper piecing.  Not the English style, the one with the paper base…and you sew on the paper, or something.  I’m excited because I have seen so many of these patterns that I’ve wanted to try, and now, once again, my guild is pushing this little bird out of the nest and right into “you’re going to face your fears and sew what you are afraid to sew” real life.  I’m using this cute little lady bug.  It is not hard looking at all, so I’m pretty stoked.

Anyhow, that is all that’s really going on right now; stress, being busy, bag sewing problems, y’know, stuff.

Until next time, happy sewing!