2019 Goals check in

Here’s how I did in 2019!

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I could have sworn it was Wednesday!

Well I’m just sitting here at work.  It’s cold in here, I don’t have any socks, my hair is still wet, and it’s raining outside.  My dog with to work with my husband today, so I’m insanely jealous.  He has a warm cuddly puppy to keep him cozy, and all I have is the thought that I’m going to the gym in a couple of hours.  At least then I will have socks.

I’ve ordered an extender table for my sewing machine, so hopefully that will arrive next week.  I really hope that it helps with the quilting process; right now I’m considering sticking with baby quilts and small blankets because this full/twin size is a monster!  I’ve found myself plotting out how I’m going to get this thing quilted all the way.  I’m stitching in the ditch, so I think the back side will look neat!  Little stacking squares and things.

Getting a new accessory! :D

Getting a new accessory! 😀 Don’t you see the joy in it’s “face”?

Here's what the back is looking like so far...

Here’s what the back is looking like so far…

Maybe since I should have some time to myself before my husband gets home (all though, he may use having Al with him as a reason to go home early) I’ll get more sewing done…sans my little helper.  I think once I get the outline of the blocks stitched things should be a little easier.  I’m also wanting to try out my darning foot…but it makes me a little nervous!  I’ll get out some scraps and test it out.  I still have to figure out how to put my feed dogs down…I know there’s a way, and I think I’ve actually done it before…but I just can’t seem to remember right now!

Until next time!  If I get a chance, I’ll post some pictures tonight of any progress made *Fingers Crossed!*