Crafts & Drafts, Nashville

WOW!  This was a really big event!  I mean, we knew this was going to be big, but WHOA!


Thank you, Joey.

This was a big day for us.  We got out there, we braved the November winds, and we put on our bravest faces!  And it worked!  We had a fantastic day!  We got to the Farmer’s Market at 7:30am, scoped out the area, and then went to work (when we were allowed!)  We got set up and started selling almost right away.  Melinda’s favorite part was seeing people laughing at the needle points that we were selling.  It was pretty funny to see the different reactions!  A sweet little old lady would laugh over “cake going straight to their boobs” and it was pretty fantastic.  I really liked seeing people walk by and read the name “Cute Fluffin Stitch” out loud with a face like ‘what….is that’ and then they’d come in and see!  I also liked the people you could tell were enjoying the drafts part of the event a little more than others reacting to things “OH MY GOD IT’S AN OWL!” “Girl…I’mma have to come back for this” (and they DID!)

Both Melinda and I really wanted to say thank you SO much to everyone who came out to support us this weekend.  It really means a whole lot to both of us that people believe in us, because we do, (psh, obviously!) but when others do and show it, it is especially great.

This week I’ve been cramming in listing time to get as much listed as possible.  I got our remaining feedsack pillows listed, and they look great!  I have just a few more hoops to get up and then we’re adding a custom order hoop option to the shop.  I made a couple of owl coin purses (I was aiming for at least 10, then 4, and finished 2 😦 ) and one of those little guys went home with a sweet little girl!  They are really adorable.  I’m going to add those to the shop as well.  Melinda is working on some more hoops, and I’m going to work on some more purses, but we may be done for the year as far as events go!  It’s been so much fun!  We’re already applied to a few events early next year!

Good Saturday morning!

While I would like to be at home, sewing and working away, I’m sitting at Midas getting a much needed oil change, and having them check out some sounds.

I’m using my time to plot and toil on what I’ll do (or at least what I’m planning to do) once I get home.  I know football will dominate my living room, so I’ll hopefully get my superman quilt top finished up.  I’m trying to decide what to do the back in.  I think I want to use red minky fabric, just so it will be snuggly for Caleb.  I’m also thinking if I want to add more length to the quilt.  But until I get home, it’s all in the air.

I’ve also been thinking about trading in my Nintendo DS lite for a 3DS.  I know, how random.  But, I really like playing Pokemon, and there is a new one out now…and it’s going to eat at me!  I don’t think my DS is worth much to gamestop, but it means a lot to me.  My husband bought it for me while we were dating and bought me Nintendogs because I wanted a dog so badly and we couldn’t really do that at the time.  It was so sweet, and it makes me really want to just keep it forever, but that’s a problem I have.  I get attached to things and I think I’ll be a hoarder before too long.  I do it with fabrics too!

Anyhow, I’ll be home sewing away as soon as I’m done here.

What do you guys  think about the quilt back? Cotton vs minky?

Have a great weekend!

Ps: my breakfast companion


Saturday night’s alright for…sewing! :D

And hopefully Friday night is too!  Well I’m just keeping my fingers crossed over here, the hubs needs new shoes, and it’s Friday which in my house means we get to eat out (yippee!),and my husband wants us to go fishing this weekend, and at some point this weekend I need to give my little Al a bath.

See, he’s a long hair dachshund that tries to bite a brush if you brush him (obviously a death harboring monster.), so he doesn’t get brushed as often as he needs, and he gets these little mats in his hair…and then I look like a bad mommy!  And he’s going to work with the husband one day next week (lord help those poor souls…the barking…THE BARKING!) so it’s just got to be done.  Luckily he had a bath just a few weeks ago after we went camping, so right now his mats are few and small…more like knots at this point.  I’m just happy his nails are still trimmed up for now.  A bath, he’s okay, even gives a light blow-drying a chance…but nail trimming?!  It’s a two-man job, armed with treats.  You wouldn’t think 13lbs of doggy would be so much trouble. *Aww but we love him so much he’s no trouble at all! :D*

So I’m hoping to get some of that quilt sewn together.  Halfway done with the chevron side, if I can just pump up the volume and really crack down, I can get it all sewn together….maybe tonight!  Which would blow my mind…and then I’d be like “well, that escalated quickly” and then would need to start laying things around and finding space and shooing Al from stomping on my quilt…then start the pinning and the trimming…and the plotting…. 😀

Well, I’ll have an update either tomorrow….or Monday.  Until then, I leave you with this little gem.  This is Al’s little “friend” Crinkle Weenie.  He’s had him almost his whole life!


…Happy Weekend everyone!

Saturday sewing!

Something strange happened.  I actually got some sewing done this weekend!  It was an exciting few hours.  I got all my squares cut, ironed, and I had an entire planning wall covered!


I’d taken down the corner to start sewing, but you get the idea.  I actually have to add a square to the bottom of each row to keep it long enough. 


My little helper got bored…


But I am very pleased with how his is turning out.


There are some seams that got messed up somehow, and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to rip them out and redo them or not.  I’m thinking I should but it’s so difficult of a decision.