Hamming it Up Quilt Update 2

It’s coming together and it’s looking REAL silly.

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Things going on Thursday

I mean, that’s kind of like WIP Wednesday, right? 😀

So, I’ve decided that the binding on that baby quilt is not quite up to snuff, so I’m salvaging what I can and resewing what needs to be resewn.  It will take just a little time.  The seam picking is really annoying; deciding where the good starts and ends.  But it’s going to make me feel better for it to be done properly.


See? That flap? It’s not a consistent flap…


I’ve also decided I want to make some little Easter-y things for my Etsy shop.  I posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram a tiny battle between eggs and bunnies.  I think the eggs looked a little more like footballs, and the bunnies, well they had creepy button eyes.  However, the bunnies won, so I’m going to make some of those to go in my shop. 🙂



The zombie apocalypse includes bunnies…apparently. 😮


Egg…football? Alien vessel? What? IT’S AN EGG!


Eggs Vs Bunnies!

I ordered a planner last week, and got it WAY early so I can’t start using it quite yet.  I’m excited, because I really wanted to get one for myself before now, I just couldn’t find the right one.  I got mine at Mod86Designery and got it REALLY fast.  It’s a little big for my purse, but now I can finally make the bag for myself that I’ve been wanting to make.  If all else fails, at least it’ll be an effort I made at getting more organized.


So cute!!! Too big for my little purse, guess I’ll just have to make myself a new bag! 😀

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!!!  AND HAPPY SPRING!