And then it was Wednesday!

Funny how the week just seems to go into fast forward after Wednesday afternoon passes by.

I got back in  the sewing room and I went in with a plan!  Its nice when they actually work!  I decided to go ahead and stitch the outline of the blocks then go back and outline the inner workings of each block.


I thunk they’re looking pretty good so far!  Its funny to be working with the top up and flip over to check it out after.


There have been a few spots like this, but I think when I go back and outline the inner squares it will be a lot less obvious.


I had the peanut gallery watching me work.  They’re so supportive.  Now I’m going to settle in and watch Through the Wormhole.

Until next time!

P.S. here’s how Al looks when he’s doing business.


Getting Antsy…

I finished up the halfway point row last night just in time to watch another disappointing episode of Through the Wormhole.  That show used to be about space and quantum physics, now it’s about babies knowing their alive and when kids think someone’s watching they act differently.  If I wanted to know about all that, I’d A) have a kid right now or B) watch TLC…or another channel that I might actually learn from.

Anyhow, so here I am, slowly but surely nearing the end of this quilt, just get the rest of this side done then on to binding and quilting!  But, I’m already thinking about my next project.  I already have 2 quilts lined up.  My husband wants me to make a quilt for us that’s a summertime type quilt because all of our comforters and things are too heavy…but he wants triangles. duh dun dum!! Triangles are NOT my friends.  I’m going to give them another shot…but I do not like them.  All that trimming and extra effort for that triangle to look right…what a drag.

My other project is to use those charm packs and jelly roll that I have.  I got one of the charm packs out last night and sorted them out into 4 groups of 10 by their colors and I’m thinking about making them into teeny tiny squares and doing one of those 9 square blocks.  I don’t EVEN know how that’s going to work, but I’m going to give it a honest effort.

My problem is that I’m getting all amped up for the next project and I’m not even done with this one!  I tend to do that, and I think it’s why I have such a hard time getting anything done.  Anyhow, I’m hoping to get some more done tonight when I get home.  Until next time…happy quilting!