Watch me WIP!

So, if you’re expecting a video of me whip and Nae-Nae’ing, I’m sorry to disappoint.

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Friendly Sewing

No danger here! ūüėÄ

So this past week I’ve been working on some projects. ¬†Still not finishing up my rainbow quilt, or even the big brown ugly quilt….just little things instead! ¬†I’ve basically got my fingers in my ears going “NANANANANNANANANANANA!” when it comes to finishing my big quilts. ¬†How….sad. ¬†I’ll get around to it, don’t worry. ¬†I always end up back around.

I posted on instagram this wallet that I made from a pattern I found on BurdaStyle¬†and I really wanted to make another one to practice. ¬†Lucky for me my friend Meghan really liked it so I decided well I’m just going to make one for her! ¬†And I did! ¬†I am very happy with the second effort. ¬†I can only post a black and white picture because it’s a secret! ¬†I mean she knows about it, and it’s in the mail…and I only took a black and white picture…but the colors and things are secret! ūüėÄ


My sister…yes that one that never reads my blog…liked my bag I made for myself so much that she sent me some fabric to make one for her. ¬†Oh man, y’all. ¬†It’s so pretty. Like hard to cut up pretty. ¬†And it’s BEES! ¬†CUTE LITTLE BEES! *screams and squeals of joy!* ¬†(I really love bees….)


BEES!!!!! Fancy bees!




It hurt me to cut them up they’re so cute and pretty.


but I sewed them back together so it’s okay.

So I’ve been working on that. ¬†I really should have gotten it done this weekend what it being 3 days and all…but I did not. ¬†We looked at a house on Friday that was kind of out there and I got bitten! ¬†By TICKS! ¬†MORE THAN ONE! ¬†Yea, so I’ve been an itchy mess, but I did get some of the sewing¬†done. ¬†Probably…have it done this weekend. ¬†Hopefully….maybe. ¬†I’m really just hoping that these bites are just itchy and not some disease.¬† The last thing I need is some tick disease. ¬†Or any disease for that matter. ¬†So now I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday…which is postponing the sewing. ¬†Stupid ticks. -_-

Anyhow!  I hope everyone is having a lovely tick bite free week!

Until next time!  Happy sewing!