Sewing taking up all my time….and I’m okay with that :D

So I’ve been a bad wife…well, a bad housekeeper I guess would be a better thing to say.  You see, I keep putting off as much house work as possible for as long as possible so I can sew.  Yes!  I have to admit the problem to fix it!!


I would like to thank the lady at Hobby Lobby for not asking why I need 1/4 of a yard of all that fabric…and coming back over and over with more…

My husband doesn’t seem to mind, so I’m not going to sweat it.  I mean, he sees it as I’m trying to earn us some monies, which I am, so, he’s not going to say “hey quit playing around in there and fold some laundry”.  He wouldn’t ask me to leave work to do the dishes, so how is this any different? (I mean, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway) I have even said “y’know what, I don’t care how much weight I want to lose, I’m not going to the gym today so that I can sew forever!!!”  I think I’m on a dangerous path…but it’s fun! 😀  It’s not like nothing is getting done at all; he goes around and tries *bless his heart* to do some things, and eventually I’ll stop and say to myself I need some clean clothes…better do something about that.  Our house is definitely not turning into an episode of hoarders.

I think last night/ yesterday was one of those moments when you think to yourself “this is real” which…is silly because I almost never do that.  I think it’s like after Walter White made his first money after cooking up a batch of meth.  (okay we’ve been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, like every single day)  Anyway, I finished up  a bag (which is now on my Etsy page) and we watched our last two available Breaking Bad episodes.  Well then it was around 8pm…and I went back into my sewing room and I was only going to cut some fabric up.  I ended up cutting, sewing the strips together and pinning it to the batting.  So around 10:30pm I decided we should probably go to bed…I mean we did have to get up and come to work today.  Now, I understand most people are like “so what, you started a project immediately after finishing one, what’s the big deal?” okay I do not do that.  I am a “alright, one down, in a week I’ll start another one” kind of…project starter.  I mean if I even get to the finished part.  *cough cough two unfinished quilts*


waiting to be cut up!


cut up, sewn together!

In other news, last night I was taking pictures to put my bag online, and my  husband walked in and saw my tiny “studio” and thought it was hysterical.  I’ve mentioned before, he works at an art college, and so he’s told me some of the small things he’s picked up just from talking to students about photography, and I’ve tried to implement them into my photography for etsy.  I have a tiny lightbox, which is really too small for these bags I’m making but great for small items.  Anyhow, I had my stuff all set up, and there I am on the floor with my tiny tripod and my 8.1 megapixel camera from four years ago and he’s all “your phone probably takes better pictures you know” and then he says “well maybe I’ll get you a nicer camera… know after you start selling stuff”  I thought it was so sweet.  Okay I like any time I get anything, or even if I don’t get anything but someone says ‘I want to get you this’ it just warms my heart.  I don’t know why…you’d think only getting things would make me that happy.


My lightbox


It works 😀


action shot! 😀

Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a lovely winter!  I know I’m ready to be uncomfortably hot every day!  Stay warm everyone!

Happy sewing!

Ermegerd! I feel like a time traveler!

It’s literally gone from Wednesday to Monday in the blink of an eye!  Thursday went by pretty smoothly,  and Friday there was a lot of cleaning.  Saturday we had everyone over to our house and grilled out.  My sewing exploits were a big hit, which makes me happy.  A little while after me and the husband went fishing.  Sadly, a rod broke and the depth  finder died, but that just means a trip to bass pro shops.  I think my husband likes going there as much as I enjoy going to Hobby Lobby.

Sunday I finally got some sewing time.  I had my little helper hanging out…of course.


He was helping chose the next square to quilt…right?  I got the four corners quilted as well as the two in between two corners.  It has been a monster!  All this flipping and rolling and twisting and turning.  Now I see why people get those big machines.

I’m hoping to get some momentum swinging in the right direction tonight and sew more.  If I can just finish the quilting.  If only…at least this guy is waiting for me to finish.


Until next time!

Weekend Update

This weekend there has been sewing!  But not as much as I would have liked.  I got in there and it just was not happening.   I did get a square quilted.


Here’s my progress so far.  It just turned into more of a monster than I was prepared for.  While this doesn’t seem like a lot, there was a lot of flipping and rolling and I even moved my sewing machine to try to tackle it better.  Finally I decided that I needed to stop and come back later.

Saturday we went out in the lake.  We got a new spot but it was a lot rockier than I am used to and I started feeling sea sick.  But Al and my husband had a great time!


Al has a think for fishing.  He gets really excited when we start reeling in.


He feels the need to inspect each fish before they’re thrown back.  He’s everyone’s helper in our house.

Later we watched Oz the Great and Powerful, my husband hasn’t been as excited about seeing it as I have been, but he figured it would make me feel better.  And it did! 🙂  It was a little more friendly than expected but it was great.

I may get back in there later and try to quilt more, but for now I’m going to recap on TrueBlood before the season premiere tonight!

Until next time, happy quilting!

This Weekend

Well there was sewing involved.  Saturday morning I got up and distracted Al from the cable guy while being closed up in my sewing room.  I started at the top corner of the other half of the chevron quilt I’ve been working on, and now I have 5 rows left to sew!  Just five! 🙂

I’ve been thinking since this quilt has taken so much time, I may end up making into two quilts.  So the big brown one would essentially be half done! What do you think?

Later in the day I went to a maker’s fair at the local West Elm and met some new friends and talked with older…new friends!  I’m not the best at making friends, but I like them!  I have been eyeing a piece a friend of mine, Kelly Kerrigan did and I finally let myself buy it.


I want to frame it and put it in my sewing room over my big table.  I think it’ll be just grand!

Sunday I was kind of in a funk.  I had a headache no amount of Mountain Men could cure, and I slept a LOT during some passing storms.  But after the rain cleared up my husband and I decides to go out on the lake for a while.  We ended up losing our bucket of minnows, but I tried out a new diver bee lure.  I wish I could have captured the cuteness.  He wiggles and dives!  I didn’t even care that we didn’t catch anything.  We also had a visitor.


He just swam up to the boat!  Well I hope you all had a great weekend!  Hopefully tonight sewing will sneak in my list of chores. 🙂

One of these days…

I swear, even on a 3 day weekend I get no sewing done.  None!  Not even a little bit!  But I did on Thursday…or Friday.  I honestly can’t remember which one it was now.  I mean I did do other things, like we went fishing and went to my mother-in-law’s for some bbq and pool side activities…Monday we watched movies literally all day.  Battlefield Earth (I love that stinking movie. I have no idea why.) The Amazing Spiderman, The Ref, Gangster Squad; if it was on we watched it.

The last time I was in my sewing room I did get some things done though.  See, how I’ve got these strips going I’ve got a dark brown and tan, a tan and yellow, and a dark brown and yellow.  When their powers combine, it takes the form of, a chevron!!  (you know…once I get them all cut into 5 1/2 x 5 1/2″ squares and tilt them back n forth and what not)  I got all of the dark brown and yellow squares cut out.

So far I have 120 squares and by my first calculation I only needed 100 or so squares.  Well, I kind of forgot a “row” I guess you could say.  it’s 9 squares across for a row, but it’s also 8 across for the other…row…I don’t know what you’d call that.  Then it’s 11 high and I suppose 10 high?  SO I need like, a billionty more squares.  I felt like 100 squares was a little small.  I laid them all out and it only covered half the quilt, so yea, need more than 100 squares.  Anyhow, I’m hoping once I get home tonight I can get some *MORE* squares cut.

I did have some help measuring out and getting these squares situated though.