Quilts in Fairs

An exciting experiment!

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Winner Winner!

I chose my winner, and it’s David Hicks!   I fixed up a replacement coaster with a label for his set.

My husband is happy with the “faulty” coaster.  Apparently he didn’t like he coaster on his end table.  Who knew?!


Here’s a picture of all the coasters…happily displaying their colors.  They’re a great set.  All green and majestic! (What? Yes! Majestic! )

So remember how Al went to work with my husband?  Well, my husband works at an art college, and one of he students wants to do pet photography.  So obviously when she saw a picture of Al, she needed to have him as a subject.  I’ll post a couple of the shots soon.  It’s hard to pick just a few!

Anyhow…tonight will be back to the big giant monster quilt.  I’ve still got a plan in mind.  It’ll work, it’ll work!

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

(Happy equality to all!)