About Me

My name is Ashley Woods, I’m an accountant that loves to sew.  I have an online shop and I hope to share the things I like to make with others.  I’m originally from Tuscaloosa, AL but now I call Nashville home.  I’ve been making unique stuffed animals, quilts, and bags since 2011 and I’ve been sharing my cute, handmade items with the world ever since.   Here I write about all the things I’m working on, as well as some tips and tricks as I learn them about sewing, craft fairs, and even some organizational help.  Occasionally I’ll also write about events going on in my life.  I also have a miniature dachshund who likes to talk me out of sewing.

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Ashley! Thanks for following my blog, Darlington Delights. I look forward to keeping up with your quilting and sewing adventures here as well!

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