Not about sewing :O

“Your dog is so photogenic”

Yes, I actually have been told this.  I know I share pictures of my sweet little dog on here a lot, but I giggled about that.  It made me think of that ridiculously photogenic runner guy.  But, I do love my dog, and I love posting pictures of him.  Heaven help the world if I have babies.  So, without further adieu, here’s a whole lot of pictures of Al.









Closing in on the finish line!

I really hunkered down Sunday, and added the border for the little superman quilt, as well as cutting out the batting and the backing.  I got some REALLY fantastic red minky fabric for the back, and the batting is extra lofty. 😀

Here’s my progress so far!




If you were wondering about my car, my alternator was falling apart!!!  But, it’s okay, that’s what savings are for, unexpected car expenses…right?!  Everything is right as rain now, and I feel like I’m driving around a brand new car!

I put my pieces together to start sewing it together. I’m doing a no binding type edge. I’m excited; my husband said that this is probably the most straight quilt so far! 🙂

Anyhow, hope everyone is having a nice week!

Happy sewing!

Good Saturday morning!

While I would like to be at home, sewing and working away, I’m sitting at Midas getting a much needed oil change, and having them check out some sounds.

I’m using my time to plot and toil on what I’ll do (or at least what I’m planning to do) once I get home.  I know football will dominate my living room, so I’ll hopefully get my superman quilt top finished up.  I’m trying to decide what to do the back in.  I think I want to use red minky fabric, just so it will be snuggly for Caleb.  I’m also thinking if I want to add more length to the quilt.  But until I get home, it’s all in the air.

I’ve also been thinking about trading in my Nintendo DS lite for a 3DS.  I know, how random.  But, I really like playing Pokemon, and there is a new one out now…and it’s going to eat at me!  I don’t think my DS is worth much to gamestop, but it means a lot to me.  My husband bought it for me while we were dating and bought me Nintendogs because I wanted a dog so badly and we couldn’t really do that at the time.  It was so sweet, and it makes me really want to just keep it forever, but that’s a problem I have.  I get attached to things and I think I’ll be a hoarder before too long.  I do it with fabrics too!

Anyhow, I’ll be home sewing away as soon as I’m done here.

What do you guys  think about the quilt back? Cotton vs minky?

Have a great weekend!

Ps: my breakfast companion


What would you do

It seems once I get going, something bumps me back to stop and think, second guess, and question everything.  So I feel the need to stop and ask my readers:  If you are sewing a quilt, and it’s just square blocks, and for some reason the blocks don’t want to line up perfectly….do you leave it as is or do you get the seam ripper?  I’m thinking the seam ripper, I just hate doing it.  I pinned, and I moved and tugged these little squares but they just didn’t want to cooperate.  I’m thinking I need to go back with more pins and sew again.  So that’s what I’m asking you, to resew or not to resew?


sneak peak before…the incident!

dear blog…

I’m not ignoring you.  I promise.  I’ve just slipped into a little slump of easy distraction and busy time that doesn’t involve sewing.  I have been doing some plotting and planning to sew, so there’s that.

I’ve got a little Superman quilt up on my planning wall right now.  It’s for a very special little friend of mine named Caleb.  He’s the sweetest little boy.  Without going into a whole lot of details, he’s in a wheelchair and always has a blanket in his lap.  I know how much he loves Superman, so I’m making this little Superman a blanket.


I’ve recently gotten a doll dress frame for American Girl dolls, and I’m trying to make something that will fit it.  It’s a little harder than I imagined.  My mom is coming up this weekend and I’m hoping to show her some sewing things, and she wants to sew doll clothes to sell on eBay.  She has an American Girl doll, and we’re going to put our heads together this weekend and see what we can make.

I’ve also gathered some of my leftover squares from the chevron quilt and put together how I can make a  baby blanket.  (yes, I had that many leftover squares!)  I still need to quilt the big brown blanket, finish the rainbow blanket top, and some other small projects.  And since I have so much on my sewing agenda, I’ve decided to make October Sew-tober!  I’m going to sew something every day.  Maybe I won’t complete a project every day, but I will work on something every day.  I’m hoping to get a couple of hours in each day, hopefully I can do it!  It’s a little difficult to find time when you work 40 hours a week, but I have hope.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a lovely Oct…I mean Sewtober!