Starting a Patreon!

Alternative ways to support creatives you love!

This year I’m working on expanding my shop, and I’ve left Etsy because I don’t want to feed a greed monster/  I’m probably going to lose out on “stranger sales” because of that, but that’s fine.  A lot of the sales I get are from people that I know, which I really appreciate!  I know that there are a ton of people that swoon over things that I make, but they just don’t need a stuffed animal, or they don’t have the funds, think my quilts are too expensive, or they can just make that stuff themselves.  If this is you, this post is for you! 🙂

I’ve set up a Patreon for those of you that would like to support me in some way but you didn’t know how you could really help but you really did want to help me out!  All you do is set up an account, and you can auto draft as little or as much as you would like each month to send and help me on my endeavours.  I even have two tiers set up with a “thank you” of Felt Friends at $1/month and a “the possibilities are threadless” of $3/month where you also get a coupon each month.  I’m not asking you to support me if you can’t afford to, or if you have supported me in other ways!

I’m currently putting a lot into my subscription boxes, and I have no real way to gage how successful these are actually going to be, but I’m just getting them ready anyway!  I’m basically spending any “free time” that I have that isn’t prepping for my next craft fair or working on a custom order to work on filling boxes.  For all I know I could sell 2 or I could sell 20, and then I could be on the hook for 20 more next month, or no one cares about them at all!  Who knows.  But I’m thinking of the best ways to make them the best they can be, as well as making all of my critters the best they can be!  I’d also like to actually finish up some quilts that I have, but until they become “priority” again, they’re just waiting around.

Truth of it is, if there were a Patreon where someone could give me more time in a day, an extra weekend day, or a way to not need sleep, I would appreciate that the most, but that’s not real so, can’t do that. 🙂

Anyhow, I’m doing my best to get the word out, and if you’d pitch in, that would be great!  If not, that’s fine too!  Even just spreading the word would be a great help!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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