Kidsville Family Festival 2018 Review

Thank you again to the community in Nashville!

I can always count on the Nashville area to turn out and make any event a great day!  I got there a little early and got packed up a little late.  The staff was extremely helpful, and I had a really  nice time.  I sadly did NOT see Daniel Tiger…but I asked all the kids that came by if they did.  I got mixed results; apparently he’s just like Santa and kids are either terrified or over the moon.  My giant sloth also got the same reaction.


My helper for the day!

It was a little warm, but I made it through the day pretty cool!  I was thinking about pairing down my booth setup, but I’m not exactly sure how I could do that right now.  I’m still working on keeping my box shelves more stable, but they’re definitely getting there.  One thing I thought was interesting about this event was I may have been the only handmade vendor there.  I’m not exactly sure about that, but it seemed most of the other vendors were either for like, Nashville Public Television, larger brands with sales reps, and kids activity vendors for local shops.  Not complaining; it’s fun being the only place with toys.  Even if sometimes kids just want free stuff because they got free stuff in the other booths…or ask “why’s this stuff so expensive?”  It happens!

Over all I had a fantastic day!  I will be back out next month on October 20th at Centennial Park for Centennial Craft Fest!  There will be a ton of vendors, craft beers, music and more!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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