A little change

No, I’m not pregnant.

This year I’ve noticed a change in my making.  When I started to really sew, the first ideas I was ever having was how to make bags.  I’d look at my Mother in Law’s flannel rag quilts and think “how can I do that but in a bag” and while I have yet to actually do that exact thing, I have made several bags.  Big bags, little bags, wallets, zipper pouches, all of it.  And I’ve really liked it.  I call myself a quilter, but for a long while there I was almost exclusively making bags.

I’m not quite sure where it began this year, but I think it was making the Fancy Forest quilt for my friend Diana, but I have just been on a kick this year.  A quilt kick!  It’s been absolutely fantastic.  I’ve made five baby quilts, a quilt for my Mother in Law, a quilt for my husband, just quilts everywhere.

This isn’t even all of them!

I’ve also been making a little slough of stuffed animals.  I really, really love making stuffed animals.  I mean, who doesn’t?  I remember being a kid and having a bed  covered in more stuffed animals than pillows and just loving all of my little friends.  I remember climbing a tree with a stuffed animal lion to save it from the dogs from up the hill who ran down to kill it!  I also remember the anxiety of trying to show each stuffed animal and baby doll the same level of love and just being absolutely overwhelmed, crying, and just wanting no more baby dolls and all stuffed animals.


#1 cause for anxiety for me during the 90’s



Who wouldn’t just want to love these little guys?!

So, what is the change?  If you haven’t guessed it by now…you’ll never know.  I’m just kidding.  I’m going to switch my gears to make just quilts and stuffed animals.  I will still probably make some purses and bags occasionally, but I’m going to phase them out and focus just on the cute stuff.

I also think that these cute fluffy things will better fit into my brand.  Both quilts and stuffed animals are cute, fluffy, and stitched, so they hit all my branding points.

Next week I’m going to dive into all of my WIPS again, so stay tuned for that!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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