Game of Thrones: Stormborn

A look at this week’s episode of Game of Thrones!

There’s a storm raging in Westeros.  No, really it’s stormy.  We start this week in Dragonstone with Daenerys and she’s anxious to attack King’s Landing.  Tyrion tells her that she doesn’t want to be the Queen of Ashes, so that they need to be more thoughtful about their attack.  She also questions Varys’s alliances, since he seems to have turned on everyone he has served under.  He tells her that he only serves the people, and when the ruler he’s serving under doesn’t serve the people anymore, he moves on to another.  However he chose to serve her, and that the people of Westeros want her as their queen.  Daenerys has Varys swear to her that if he ever finds her unsuitable, to please tell her or she will burn him alive.  Melisandre has come to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys, and Varys notes she used to serve Stannis Baratheon.  Melisandre is sort of pardoned because the Red Priestesses helped to conquer lands in Essos, and Melisandre is thankful.  She tells her the prophecy of Azor Ahai, and Missandei corrects the translation to say “the prince that is promised” and says that the word for prince doesn’t have a gender, so it’s technically the prince or princess.  Daenerys likes the sound of that.  Melisandre tells Daenerys that she should meet with John Snow, that he would help her to fulfil that prophecy.  Daenerys asks Tyrion to send a raven to Winterfell and ask John Snow to come to Dragonstone and bend a knee.

Yara Greyjoy, Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand want revenge against the Lannisters for all their own reasons, but have sworn their loyalties to Daenerys to eventually get what they want.  Yara and Ellaria both want to strike King’s Landing now, but Daenerys shows she takes Tyrion’s advice, and says she doesn’t want to be the Queen of Ashes.  Yara and Ellaria are to sail to Dorne and gather troops to mount an offensive against King’s Landing.  Olenna tells Daenerys that she’s outlived several men who have told her how to rule by ignoring them, hinting that she shouldn’t always listen to Tyrion.  There is a very touching love scene between Missandei and Grey Worm that has been brewing since they met each other, and Grey Worm tells Missandei he never had fear before he met her. (right in the feels, right in them.)

In Winterfell we see John Snow has gotten the raven from Dragonstone, and while he’s skeptical, Sansa says that he is different from the other Lannisters.  Shortly after getting the first raven, Sam’s raven comes in with the information about Dragonstone sitting on a mountain of dragon glass.  There is a meeting held in the great hall, and John says that he and Sir Davos are going to head to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys.  One man says that a Targaryen can’t be trusted (they don’t know John is a secret Targaryen) and Lady Mormont (Teddy Bear Queen) says that winter is HERE and we need the king in the North in the North.  Even Sansa says that he needs to stay, but John reassures her, saying that he’s leaving Winterfell in her hands, she’s a Stark, and she can take care of things while he’s gone.  We then see John in the crypt looking up at Ned Stark’s remains when Littlefinger shows up.  He mentions that he was the one that brought Ned’s remains back to Winterfell, and brings up some sore spots with John about how Catlyn never really cared for him, and how he should be thankful for coming in with the Knights of the Vale to save him.  He also tries to assure John he would watch out for Sansa, because he loved Catlyn and he loves Sansa.  John is NOT HAVING IT and reacts the way you would expect any guy to react when someone says they like your little sister with a choke hold against the wall.

We come to King’s Landing and see that Cersei is rounding up as many houses as she can for allies in the coming battles.  He mentions that House Tyrell is in rebellion, and she tells the small number of houses that Daenerys is a monster, just like her father the Mad King, and she will destroy King’s Landing.  Randyll Tarly (Sam’s father) asks how she’s going to deal with her dragons, since she has 3 fully grown dragons, the same as Aegon had when he took over Westeros.  Qyburn mentions that they’ve been working on a solution to that.  As the group dispurses, Jamie meets with Randyll.  His son introduces himself, but Jamie really couldn’t care less.  He speaks to Randyll about their family history ties between the Tarly family and the Tyrells.  Randyll isn’t a fan of Cersei, but Jamie tries to assure him that if he joins their side, he will be a high ranking member in their army.  Qyburn meets with Cersei in the Red Keep and walk through the dragon skulls.  Cersei says she’s never been down there, how Robert moved the skulls down there once he took over the Iron Throne, and how he probably took a girl or two down there.  Qyburn mentions that Daenerys’ dragons aren’t invincible, and how one was injured with spears.  He shows Cersei a large crossbow type thing that the blacksmiths have been working on, and encourages her to pull the lever down.  She fires the device, and a spear shoots between the eyes of the largest skull in the Keep.

Jorah is meeting with Archmaester Ebros in Oldtown (the Citadel) about his greyscale.  He says that he has waited too long, and he should have cut his arm off as soon as he was touched.  Sam chimes in and says that there were other cases of curing greyscale, including Stannis’s daughter.  Ebros says that she was a baby, and it was a different situation altogether.  The other instance, the man who performed the surgery to cure the greyscale, died from greyscale.  Sam asks Jorah if there is any family he should tell, and he says that he’s Jorah Mormont, but they have forgotten him long ago.  Later that evening, Sam comes into Jorah’s room with a cart of tools, medicine and a book.  He tells Jorah that he was with his father when he died, and he wasn’t going to let him die.  He gave Jorah some rum, and says he needs him to keep quiet because no one knows he’s down there.  He then proceeds to CUT OFF THE GREYSCALE. *I died* Then with each part he cuts off, he puts some medicine on it.  It was really awful!


Arya is traveling along and stops at an inn.  She sees Potpie, baking friend to all, and he’s excited to see her!  He offers her a pie and she starts scarfing down.  Can I mention here that Arya has zero table manners.  She just eats like an animal.  Anyway, he’s asking about where she’s been, and if she ever found Brienne of Tarth, to which she replies “yea.”  Potpie asks why she’s going to King’s Landing, because he figured she’d go to Winterfell.  When Arya asks why, the last she knew the Boltons had Winterfell, he says John Snow’s the king of the North now, and he’s in Winterfell.  She is completely shocked, and thanks him for the pie, and bolts.  As she’s making a fire in the woods, her horse is spooked.  Suddenly she is surrounded by a pack of wolves, and she turns around to see her direwolf, Nymeria, that she shoo’d away way back in season 1 after she bit Joffrey.  She reaches out and says it’s me girl, I’m going home, come with me, but Nymeria turns and leads the pack away.  Arya looks sad, but then says “that’s not you” meaning it’s not in her nature to be a follower type dog.  (my feels again!)

On the ship sailing from Dragonstone to Dorne we see Yara and Ellaria chatting below deck, drinking away, and Theon is just hanging out.  They’re discussing what they’ll do in Dorne, and how the wine, men and women are better in Dorne.  Ellaria asks what Theon will do once they return to the Pike, and Yara says that he’ll be her commander to help protect their home.  Things start to heat up between Ellaria and Yara, which was a very funny exchange.  Theon marches off, obviously very frustrated because he can’t physically join in. (gross)  We cut over to the Sand Snakes, and two of them are kind of ganging up on the third for talking about “mama.”  Just before Yara and Ellaria kiss, the ship is hit and rocks hard.  Yara and Theon head on deck, and they see Euron’s ship (Silence…ooh cool ship bro!) rams into their ship, and men star filing off fast and there is a bloody battle starts FAST.  We see everyone fighting, blood everywhere, it’s hard to keep up with who is dying but we do see Euron kill both Nym and Obara Sand with their own weapons, which was so awful.  Tyene is below deck with Ellaria, and they are taken hostage.  Ellaria says “kill us, just get it over with” but it looks like they’re going to be the prize to be taken back to King’s Landing.  Euron then gets a hold of Yara, and holds her hostage, beckoning Theon to come save her.  Theon looks around, he looks like he reverts to Reek, and he jumps off the ship.  (my feels can’t even take this episode!)  HE JUMPS!  OFF THE SHIP!  😥 😥 😥 I don’t know what he’s going to do now, I mean he doesn’t even know it’s Shark Week. 😥

Next week looks like John takes the bullet train to Dragonstone, and I was too distracted to notice ANYTHING ELSE!  What in the world do you think is going to happen next?  Let me know!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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