2018 Review!

Dragging my feet along. 🙂

I didn’t mean to not blog for like, two weeks…but don’t worry!  I’m right here!

Here’s a look at what I did last year:


4?!  Only 4 quilts?! That seems a bit sad!  But don’t worry, I’ve got several tops that are finished and basted and ready to quilt, so 2019 will have loads more quilts finished. 🙂

Plush toys

See, I’ve been busy doing things! 🙂   There are a few friends left out, but rest assured, I have definitely been busy!

I also did a few new things in 2018, like I finally gave Etsy the boot and moved to my own site, CuteFluffinStitch.com to sell my things online and in person!  I also started a subscription box service, which is going to start back up this year in the Spring!  My first three boxes were Under Sea Friends, Fall Forest friends, and Spooky friends, and next year I’ll have more months and more themes!  I’m also thinking of other “add ons” so there will be ways to change things up!

(And, just so you all know, when I left Etsy, my end of year numbers almost doubled, so, THERE’S THAT. 🙂  There is a lot that goes into that, friends helping spread the word on where to find cute stuff, and I’m so thrilled.)

Anyhow, I hope you’re all ready to start a new year!  I’m working on some new projects right now, and hoping to get a new couple of things going over here on the blog!  So until next time, happy sewing!

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