Rob vs. Roy: An Epic Battle

I’ve been working the past few days on a little rainbow quilt!  It’s going to be kind of an odd shape rectangle, but I keep changing things as I go.  I started off sewing a jelly roll together.  So that way it would be 80″ x around 40″ (some of my strips are 42, some are closer to 40) and they’re going to be trimmed up when I finish.  I decided to take my charm pack of Simply Color and put them on one side, 3 rows of 17.  I had to take a couple other squares and add in for some…lack of squares!  So it’ll be closer to 54″, and I’m even considering doing a white border around.  Something about rainbow quilts and white borders just goes together.  It’s like PB&J, donuts and coffee, surf and turf!

Simply Color by V & Co

Simply Color by V & Co

Here's a perfect example.  It just looks good.

Here’s a perfect example. It just looks good.

I was telling my husband about the quilt and he asked if I knew the order of the colors in the rainbow.  I thought he was kidding, I mean surely he was kidding right?!  And he says well, do you?  And I’m all yea, hello?  I remember the 1st grade…or kindergarten, or whenever it was you learn ROY G. BIV.  He says “well some people don’t know.  I learned ROY G. BIV from SCUBA lessons.” and he went on about the visible light spectrum and under water the colors disappear in order the farther away they go.  Sometimes…he just makes me wonder.


The little top is coming along nicely!  I started in the purple end (or violet…for those going strictly by the rainbow) and I’m already into the lighter greens.  I don’t really like how the greens meld into a brown then turn orange.  Where’s the yellow?!  It’s hardly a rainbow without yellow.  Brown is not a substitution.  It’s not ROB G BIV.  I grew up with Roy, not ROB!!  Are they even related?

This is basically how I see this epic Roy vs Rob in my head.

This is basically how I see this epic Roy vs Rob in my head.

Anyhow, (that got a little out of control) I’m hoping to get some more progress tonight.  It’s difficult when your “helper” just wants to play, and looks at you with those big sad brown eyes like “why are you BLATANTLY ignoring me?!”  And I don’t think he agrees with my musical selections I blare while sewing.  (Rude, right!?)  I gave him a chewy, you would think he would have appreciated the gesture.


Until next time!  Happy sewing everyone!

4 thoughts on “Rob vs. Roy: An Epic Battle

  1. Gosh! You learn something every day 🙂 My blog friend made a quilt like this a while ago. She had the brilliant idea (I think) to take a strip from the center of her quilt and flip it 180 degrees. It looked great. It is on the WordPress blog called Basildon kitchens. Just search for crayon box on the blog and scroll down if you want to see it.

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