The White Pants

So….last weekend it was the tax free weekend, so we obviously took advantage.  I did something pretty daring; I got white pants.

I have only ever owned one pair of white pants before.  They were actually white jeans, and it was probably a bad idea because I really liked rolling around in grass.  My only experience with white pants didn’t end very well.

Today, I decided to test these pants out.


I mean I was pretty nervous.  I don’t wear straight legged pants, and these are white AND straight legged!

After I put these pants on the day slowly went down hill.  I had to get Al out of the house for a little while so I took him to the park down the street.  On my way home I hit something (turns out it was a utility thing in the road that’s cover had come off.  Like a tiny square manhole) so I was worried about that.  I got Al and we went on to the park.  He then walked down to the water, walked about chest deep, and laid down.  I’m kind of freaking out, because Al likes to ride in my lap on short rides…and here I am…in white pants.

Luckily he didn’t want to sit in my lap on the way back home…but then I I discovered the guy looking at our house was still there, and so I waited, for about 15 minutes in 92 degree weather.  On the lighter side, I may have lost weight by sitting there.

I went back to work, calling Midas on the way to make sure I could make it by before they closed.  I went back to work, business as usual, and when I walked to my car, flat tire.  Luckily one of my coworkers left when I did so I was okay.  I now have to go by Midas in the morning.

I’ve now determined that these white pants, while comfortable and fancy, are indeed bad luck.  I don’t know how I will proceed from here.  I honestly couldn’t help but laugh.  This whole day made me laugh.  I even shook my fist at one point and cursed these pants! 😄

Next week’s post will hopefully be more exciting…unless the white pants come back for revenge.

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