Such a busy week!

In a good way busy, not like a crazy hair pulling out week.  I somehow feel like I’m ahead of the curve today, which makes me think I’ve forgotten something.  I’m on the look out for…whatever it is.

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately!  And Filofax-ing!  I have been doing a instagram daily photo challenge which has made me kind of pay attention to things a little more.  One of the days was “motivation” and I made something for my filofax just for this day.  It’s a little “tag” that goes into the current month with my monthly goals.  Here it is:


it was really easy to make, just a tag, some washi tape and highlighters.  I really did want something kind of in my face every day that would reaffirm my goals, and this was really helpful to me.  If you’ll notice the first goal is “Finish a Project” which…hello I don’t do that.  But, I figured, even the slightest nudge can get the rock rolling.  Apparently I was right!




I got all those wallets made, which, the last two were unusually easy on my sewing machine and made me very suspicious.  The finishing stitch that goes all the way around is really difficult, even with a denim needle, and I almost thought I’d need to get a different needle, then those two were so simple that I guess not.  I finished making my niece’s little rag quilt bigger, which that was the easy part, the snipping was the killer.  I’d half snipped this and it hurt my my hand so much I just let it sit there for a while.  Some recent events made me decide I need to hurry up and get it sent back.  And then I didn’t want to send her something in the mail and not send my nephew something too, so I made him a little puppy.  What little boy doesn’t need a puppy!?!

I also got in some fabric that my sweet husband ordered for me so I can make myself a new bag.  My purse is still just fantastic, but I need more room now!  My old planner fit perfectly, and my filofax is just a bit bigger.  I’m making The Kennedy Bag using a couple of the light blue and navy patterns from Studio M for Moda, Mixology (cosmopolitan ice blueberry, manhattan blueberry and old fashioned blueberry)  I’m pretty excited about this bag.  I’ve not made a bag with this much hardware, so I’m anxious to see how it’ll turn out.  I ordered some soft and stable to finish it, which should be delivered today, so I can get back to work! 🙂  I also started a cross quilt (because one can never have too many projects at once!) but I think my math may have been a little off, and I need to tweak it.

Another new development: Bread.

I wanted to get a bread maker once we moved, but lucky me, the previous owner left one (amongst less desirable things…) in the kitchen!  Well it’s been sitting there, waiting, and when we got snowed in last week I got a recipe from the devil and tested it out. (After about an hour of cleaning it up omg)  The results:  perfectly edible and yummy bread!  The only tricky thing is making sure it has enough flour or water.  Thankfully my days of working at Papa John’s left me with the knowledge of how dough should feel, not too sticky but not too dry.  Just…almost…tacky.  I immediately wanted to make more bread.  I quickly discovered that some people don’t put the loaf size on their recipes, and my loaf of cinnamon raisin bread (which, was delicious) turned out MUCH larger than my machine was ready to handle, and I caught it just in time to toss it in the oven before it got much bigger and perhaps would have popped the top off of the machine.  It was kind of like the blob.  I then found a much more suited for my machine recipe, and I made a loaf and brought it to work this week.  I think the locals were pleased.  My next loaf project: banana nut bread.  Despite this story I’m going to go get some bananas and walnuts today.  Details to follow.




That’s what’s been going on over here!  Until next time!  Happy sewing!

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