A new year, a few new WIPS!

And of course, some stragglers that just…do not…want to be finished.  I’ll start with quilts that I have finished, ones that are in progress, and some that are starting up.


I’ve already finished two quilts this year!  How is that possible?!  Because they were already started, that’s how.

The first finish of the year award goes to one of the three t-shirt quilts I’m making for my mom, uncle, and aunt.  I may end up making a fourth one, but I’ll tackle that when I get there.  There are just still so many t-shirts.

The second finish of the year belongs to this tiny little colorful quilt.  I couldn’t figure out if this pattern had a name to it, so I asked my fellow quilters of Instagram and I got the response that it looked sort of like a granny square, so that’s what we’re going with!  I can totally see the granny square in it.  It’s just a little play mat sized 33″ square.

In Progress

I’ve got my rainbow quilt scheduled to be quilted.  I know that if I just have someone else do it then it’ll be finished and ready to go.  No fighting with it from me, and I’ll just bind it up and call it finished.

My triangles quilt is just hanging out.  it’s kind of taking a back burner spot right now because I have so many other things going on that are more pressing.

Poor Dax, one day I’ll finish your Star Wars quilt, I swear!  Thankfully my husband is really understanding that I have to finish what’s going to be bought first.

My big ugly brown quilt is still being snuggled by Al every day, so it’s way back in the back of my mind.

Starting Up

I know, starting things and I have all these other projects going.

One of the events that I’m participating in this year is the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival.  I am really excited to be a part of it because I love all things Asian.  I love Japanese food, I love Chinese and Japanese art, music, and their cultures.  However, I may have told the committee that I was working on a quilt that I had only thought about and not actually put any effort into, so I had to start on an origami peace crane quilt.  I mean I’m happy about it, it’s something that has been on a quilt bucket list for me!

The second quilt is a really cool story.  I received a message to my Etsy shop from someone who was at their Subaru dealership and saw me in the Drive magazine.  I obviously just died from hearing someone read about me.  He asked about a queen sized quilt and I am putting one together just as quickly as I can!

I hope you’re all having a great start to this year!  I mean, what even IS this weather?  Until next time, happy sewing!

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