One down, one to go, one on the way, three bags total!

As my instagram followers saw, I got my fabric Friday, and I got to work!!  I followed the video, and stopped for a taco bell run, but I finished the bag!  This one is going to my mom, but I’ve been “testing” it.  What, I don’t want to give my mom a bad bag!  I gotta make sure it works good! 😉

So here’s a breakdown (minus taco bell) of my Friday night in pictures.


I was so excited I didn’t even take a picture of it still wrapped up!


The strips sewn together (oh my goodness there’s bras on this bag, lord have mercy!)


What I used for the lining, the pocket and the straps. So vibrant!!! So pretty!!!


All finished! So happy! Oh and there’s me upside down in the door knob.


close up view of the quilting (oh no there’s those bras again!)


Yes, I’ve been rocking this since Saturday. I think I need one for myself.

It was so fun to make!  I did one thing different from the tutorial; I used felt instead of batting.  It was easier to work with and more sturdy. I really like it, and now someone I know is asking for a variation of this for a diaper bag!!  I’m thrilled!  And I have her fabric ordered (Bluebird Park by Kate and Birdie and Aqua blue Kona solid) so now I wait til it comes in!!! (Fabric Friday anyone?!)

Until next time, happy sewing!

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