Tomato Art Festival 2017

What a fantastic day!

This past Saturday I finally participated in the Tomato Art Festival in Nashville.  I’ve been looking forward to this event, and I did something very rare, I went to sleep at a decent hour the night before!  It wasn’t very easy because I was so excited, but I did it!  I’d set up my tent the night before, but I still got downtown around 5:45am.  I just want you all to know that I hate morning; I hate waking up and everything about the morning is awful except coffee.

I set up and then I had about 2 hours to burn until the event actually started, so I went looking for a booth that I knew had some really cute tomato earrings.  I wore my hair in a little red bun, I painted my nails to be little tomatoes and I wore a red tank top, but I thought I needed something a little extra.  Thanks to Wanderlund I found some very cute glass tomato earrings.

I was waiting for the event to get started, and someone came around and gave me a huggy (okay, people call them coozies, but that sounds stupid, and I think they hug your cup/bottle/drink, so I call them a huggy) and it’s a cute little tomato soup can!



The day went off great, I had all my stuffed animals happily on display, and almost all of them found new homes!  I had a great neighbor, Stephanie with Steph Barnes Wearables & Interiors  who watched my booth for me a couple of times so I could hit the lady’s room…and by lady’s room I mean port-o-potties.  I really enjoyed all the people that were going by all day gushing over my booth and dressed as tomatoes (and other fruits and vegetables!)

At the end of the day things were starting to look pretty bare, but I didn’t mind.  People were coming up getting little tomatoes, pins and fluffy friends all day and I couldn’t be happier.


At the end, the fox, unicorn and a few more tomatoes were also gone!

I’m trying to decide if I want to do any more events this year, it’s just all about scheduling.  This was my 5th event this year, and this year has been the most successful year so far.  I’m thinking about two or three more events this year, but I’m trying to decide if I want to build up stock all over again.  They take a lot of time, and as much fun as they are, I have a stack of quilt projects I’d like to put a healthy dent in as well!  If you came out to see me, thank you!  It’s really great to see friendly faces through the day!  If you didn’t, it’s okay! 😀

Until next time, happy sewing!

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